Trying New Things…












Happy weekend everyone! I hope the weekend is off to a fab start for you. I usually don’t post on saturdays but since I went a couple weeks without posting on my blog I decided to put a post up today! Even though I went awhile without posting on here I still posted everyday or twice a day on Instagram while I was away. I usually don’t go a day without posting content on there so if you aren’t already following me on IG you can do so by clicking on the IG icon on the sidebar. I love connecting with everyone on there! I’ve been branching out in purchasing items that are colors I usually would never wear lately and I have to say its a lot of fun! Its so amazing to figure out what colors look best on you and how many different colors and fabrics there is out there. I’m usually never a fan of yellow tones but I saw this sweater on ASOS and though the detail was pretty and convinced myself to try out that color. I ended up really liking it, especially paired with black! I encourage you to branch out and try new colors, patterns, and fabrics!

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Faux Fur Coat…


Hi everyone I hope your week is going great! Sorry for being so MIA lately, I recently have opened a new chapter in my life that has kept me very busy lately! I’m back on schedule now and ready to post regularly again. I’ve been loving faux fur bright colored jackets lately. Its one of the latest trends currently! Theres all kinds of pretty colored ones with different textures and lengths online that I’ve found. I’ll link my favorites in the slideshow below for you guys! I scored this one from Loft back on cyber monday and just got around to wearing it but I’m obsessed to say the least! Unfortunately its not on the site anymore but I’ve linked some really awesome ones down below.

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Emerald Tracksuit…


| Tracksuit: Shein | Sunnies: ASOS | Shoes: Balenciaga | Top: Topshop |

Happy Friday everyone! Who doesn’t love a good tracksuit? There so easy to turn into a trendy outfit and to make you look put together! These are great for running errands, relaxing, shopping, basically everything. Whats great about these two is you don’t always have to wear both the jacket and pants together you can wear them separately and create several different looks! This one is from Shein and is on sale for $16 which is an insane deal!! The emerald green color is fabulous for the winter too as well as the spring and fall so you can wear this throughout several different seasons. Everything is linked above and below as usual.

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The Sherpa Coat…


| Top: Polo | Jacket: Shein | Jeans: River Island | Shoes: Gucci | Purse: Tory Burch | Hair bow: J.crew |

Hi peeps! I hope everyones week has been going great and that you had a very Merry Christmas! I’m sharing one of my fav winter coats with you guys today. This one is super trendy right now, sherpa in general is! I love how this one is slightly cropped so it looks great with high waisted jeans which is basically all I own now haha. Can you say obsessed? This jacket comes in several different colors that are great for this winter and even next fall if you like to think far ahead like me. Another great thing about it is that its on sale and under $40 so you’ll be scoring a super deal! Its time to spend that money you got for Christmas haha. Shein has a big sale going on right now with hundreds of winter items that are currently on trend. Everything is linked above like usual as well as below through the pictures. You simply click on the right arrows to see the rest of the pictures and click on the picture of the item you would like to shop.

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Metallic Blue Midi…


| Shoes: Zara | Skirt: J.Crew old, similar here,  and here | Sweater: J.Crew | Tights: Item M6 | Vest: Calvin Klein old, similar here and here | Purse: Chanel |

Hi everyone! I have a very exciting post today featuring the warmest and most flattering tights that I own by Item M6. I’m not the biggest fan of tights just because they’re usually uncomfortable or get runs to easily but when the weather is super cold they’re an absolute must! These M6 tights are nothing like your ordinary tights. There contouring compression threads increase circulation, giving the legs more energy while combating cellulite, spider veins and blemishes. Item M6 also has leggings, shape wear, socks, and tops. The tights I’m wearing are the Opaque version which I love for winter and usually opaque is warmer! The opaque tights look great with skirts and dresses and these will make you feel confident to show off your legs with the compression technology. If you aren’t a fan of opaque they also come in several different colors, styles, and patterns that you can look at here . Item M6 has everything you’ll need for those dress or skirt wearing days!

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Winter Brights…


| Sweater: J.Crew | Jeans: River Island | Shoes: Cole Haan | Purse: Coach | Hat: J.Crew |

Bringing some bright color to your Wednesday today in this get up. I use to be so scared of lots of color and mixing patterns especially but what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. I’ve been branching out a lot in my style the past few months and exploring new ways to style, textures, patterns, colors, etc. Its so much fun to leave your comfort zone especially to learn that you end up loving whatever made you push out of it! Theres so many beautiful bright and colorful sweaters online right now so I’ve linked several of my favorites in the slideshow below. I’m also in one of my favorite pairs of shoes and jeans! These shoes are a great pattern and texture if you want to start mixing patterns and colors. They’re very comfortable and flattering to your legs since they come to a point! I encourage you to step out of your comfort zone today and everyday!

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Staying Warm…


| Cardigan: Zara, old similar here | Jeans: Current Elliot | Shoes: Nordstrom | Sweater: J.Crew | Sunnies: Shein | Purse: Gucci | Scarf: J.Crew, old similar here |

Hi peeps! Sorry for no post yesterday but I’m back today. I did post 6 days last week so if you didn’t get to see those you can go down to the bottom and all of my most recent posts will be there! This cozy outfit kept me super warm over the weekend. We had our first snow of the season on Saturday which was so exciting. I did some Christmas shopping over the weekend, which whats better than christmas shopping while its snowing? It really got me in the spirit and excited! Have you finished your Christmas shopping yet? I’m almost done with mine but still have a lot of wrapping to do! Some of these items I’m wearing today are a couple years old but I found very similar items and linked them for you guys if you’re interested in purchasing. I also want to remind you guys that my gift guides are still up under the ‘Holiday’ tab above. So, if you haven’t finished your shopping or are having some trouble finding a gift for you bestie, mom, dad, or loved ones then check out the gift guides for all that you’ll need!

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