Hues of blue…

Top- ASOS 

Skirt- ASOS

Shoes- Nordstrom 

Bag- Chanel

Sunnies- Chanel

Jewelry- Michael Kors, J.Crew, Ryan Porter, Coach

Today is finally started to feel like spring! This outfit to me is just a burst full of spring. The skirt is light and flowy and the top adds the perfect amount of color. My giveaway next week so don’t forget to enter that! I hope everyone has had a great day 🙂

Author: Livbien

Hi I'm Olivia! Welcome to Livbien. I will show you all the style tips and tricks in my book. Along with my daily outfits and whats hot in the fashion world! Follow along with me on my fashion adventure.

4 thoughts on “Hues of blue…”

  1. Loved the top from Asos! Agreed, it finally feels like Spring is coming! The jewelry and nails are gorgeous! 😀

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