Shirt- J.Crew

Blazer- NastyGal

Pants- NastyGal 

Heels- Nordstrom

Purse- Chanel

Watch- MK

I’m in the city of Nashville for the weekend. So, lookout for some exciting posts this weekend on here and on my instagram @livbien. In love with my NastyGal pants, they’re so stylish and comfy for every occasion! I hope everyone has a great day. 🙂

Author: Livbien

Hi I'm Olivia! Welcome to Livbien. I will show you all the style tips and tricks in my book. Along with my daily outfits and whats hot in the fashion world! Follow along with me on my fashion adventure.

6 thoughts on “Benched… ”

  1. Liv, you are BEAUTIFUL! The outfit, makeup, and hair are on point! You never fail to impress us with your elegant fashion sense! NastyGal carry high quality clothing so I am not surprised you loved the pants! Enjoy your weekend in Nashville! 🙂

  2. Wow, I love how those pants fit on you! You look absolutely lovely and elegant in them, and its totally inspired me to try out some of these NastyGal pieces – so thank you! <3
    Hope you enjoy your time in Nashville, be sure to keep us posted!

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