Don’t Believe Me Just Watch…



Shirt- True Religion 

Jeans- Hollister 

Shoes- J.Crew 

Purse- Balenciaga 

Sunnies- RayBan 


Earrings- Kate Spade

Arm Jewelry- MK, David Yurman

I love this look! It’s so causal but cute and trendy too. Did I mention super comfortable? My looks lately have been super causal for me, but it’s almost spring break and I haven’t felt like doing anything but being cute and comfortable. Not to mention this True Religion shirt has song lyrics from “Uptown Funk” by Bruno Mars. 😉  I’ll have a ton of awesome posts next week from Orlando! Where are ya’ll spending your spring break? I hope everyone has had a awesome day! 🙂 Check out my Instagram for updates multiple times a day. 

Author: Livbien

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One thought on “Don’t Believe Me Just Watch…”

  1. I just found out your blog and I love it! Followed you! <3
    Your style is so chic! "Uptown Funk" is also my jam. 😀
    How do you do to afford so many pretty clothes?

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