Springs Latest Trends…

Springs Latest Trends...

Striped sweater

Frame Denim destroyed jeans


Deux Lux grey handbag

Brown purse

Summer glasses

I put together this little post just to keep you girls updated on the trends. This springs trends I’m totally in love with, from the fringe purses, to the mirrored sunglasses. I tried to keep the pieces I put in the post affordable for most that way you can swing on over to the website they’re on and purchased them for yourself. If ya’ll like these types of posts tell me in the comments below and I’ll do more of them. I really enjoyed making this! I’m thinking about doing this type of thing once a week with my latest cravings (things I want to purchase) What do you think? Also, I just recently made a Facebook page so make sure you like it for updates on what I’m doing and posting on there. I hope everyone is having a great day! 🙂
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