Products I’ve Used Up…

I wanted to make this video for you guys so you can know some of the best products I’ve had. I always love trying out new things and finding out that they’re amazing. I hope this video helps ya’ll out!

Today has been super gross, I was feeling awful this morning not to mention the weather. It’s been pouring the rain all day, wheres the sunshine mother nature? It’s too cold and rainy to be almost May! We’re on the brink of spring which means summer is almost here!! My favorite season is summer, but sometimes I love fall too. What’s your favorite season? Anyway, today wasn’t very busy for me, I filmed, made a couple blog post and basically just laid around the house all day. I need to start working out a lot more than I do, I just need some motivation to get me started. Any advice for that? I love eating healthy but working out not so much. I do enjoy some fun at home workouts and the occasional run but thats about it. I guess I need to learn all forms of exercise huh? I hope everyone is having a great day!

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  1. Love the input of a little diary of your daily life in the blogposts! I hope tomorrow you will be feeling a lot more energetic because I know we always feel more accomplished and happy when we can scratch a lot of things in our TO-DO list! But still, we all have to rest once in a while! My favorite seasons are summer and fall! My advice for working out is picking an activity that you enjoy! I like to go jogging/running so I don’t see it too much as a task. 🙂 Also, maybe it’s just me, but I am usually not motivated when working out alone at home. You can always register to a gym or to some aerobic class so knowing that you paid for those will push you a bit more to not miss them! Lastly, grab a partner with you whether it’s your mom, boyfriend, or friends! 😀

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