Chicken Fettuccine… 

So, I’m starting a new category here on the blog which is cooking with me. I cook pretty often and my recipes are always very simple! I wanted to share with you my dinner some nights as well as how to make them. I hope ya’ll enjoy these!  

Below is the finished product! 🙂 

  Step 6. Scoop your pasta on to your plate! I find that garlic bread is super delicious with this dish.   

Step 5. Mix the pasta and chicken in the same pot you started with and poor your sauce, and some steamed broccoli in the pot and stir. Make sure the heat is on the lowest setting. I used a reduced fat sauce but couldn’t tell a difference in the taste.   

Step 4. After your chicken is done cooking, thinly slice it.   
Step 3. Season your chicken while it’s on the stove. These are my favorite combinations.  
Step 2. While your chicken is cooking, boil your pasta at a high temperature. I use the Kroger brand Boweties. This usually takes around 15 minutes.    
Step 1. I use organic chicken, I cook them at a high temperature to make them cook faster. It usually takes around 20 minutes. 


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