The Lady In Lace…


Shirt- Zara 

Shoes- Zara 

Shoes- J.Crew (25% Off!)

Purse- Chanel

Earrings- J.Crew

Sunnies- Ray-Ban 

Today was date day with Tulio! I wanted to get all fancied up for a change and this top was perfect for the hot summer weather. We were planning on seeing the midnight premiere of Jurassic World but, it was all sold out so we’re going to see it this weekend. We’ve both been wanting to see it for the longest time! Who’s with me on that? We went to shop and then went fishing that night. If you haven’t been fishing, definitely go. It’s so relaxing and a great game to compete in! Yes, I did wear these shorts yesterday but, they’re so comfortable and I’m obsessed with them. I’ve given you a day time look wearing these shorts with yesterday’s post and then a night look that’s more dressy with today’s post. So, if you’re trying to style a white pair of shorts, I’ve got your back girl! Have a great day, it’s almost the weekend ladies! 🙂

Author: Livbien

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6 thoughts on “The Lady In Lace…”

  1. Lovely outfit! I practically live in shorts during the summertime so the outfits you posted recently always inspire me! Oh yes, I want to go see Jurassic World! I’ll wait to see it in the week so it’s less crowded 🙂 Fishing, sounds fun! Never tried it before but looking for it this season!

    1. Same girl! I’m going to see it right now and I’m so excited. I’ll let everyone know how I like it! You definitely need to try fishing. I always go in a pond. I haven’t been in a lake or in the ocean yet. I really want to try out going in the ocean. It’s so relaxing! 🙂

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