Sleek & Chic…


Dress- Kora Rae

Belt- Banana Republic

Shoes- Nordstrom 

Purse- Chanel 

Sunnies- Céline 

I’m so obsessed with Kora Rae’s clothing. I picked up this sleek dress from them a couple weeks back and paired it with a silk belt to add some color and to keep it tighter on me. I’ve been on the edgy side with my clothing choices lately but I think with this piece, it’s edgy but sleek. 

    Thank you Kora Rae for sponsoring this post. 

Author: Livbien

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  1. This outfit suits you beautifully! You look stunning! 🙂 PS. It’s kind of random but I could totally see you as one of the characters in Gossip Girl!

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