Magic Kingdom…

Yesterday my family and I headed over to Magic Kingdom to ride out favorite rides before the HUGE storm started. 🙁 I had to stop by the Confectionary shop to buy some sweet treats. Aren’t they all adorable?! If I could have bought and eaten it all I definitely would have. I ate this cute red velvet cake pop, and bought some peanut butter fudge that I have yet to eat! We’re going back tonight with hopefull no rain on the radar. I’m doing Disney vlogs on my YouTube channel which is linked in the YouTube icon on the sidebar if you’re interested. They will be all up by the end of the week! I’m having so much fun so far. If you’re at Disney any this week say hi to me! 🙂 

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  1. Woah, I just love how colorful and yummy these treats look like! Everything is so darn cute haha 😉 Enjoy your time there gorgeous! Can’t wait to see vlogs of Disney World because I have never been there but definitely want to in a near future!

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