Plaid Blanket Scarfs For Fall…

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Hey ya’ll so, I actually purchased this blanket scarf or cape at a local boutique. I found two similar options that are affordable and match very closely to mine!

I have this new great brand for ya’ll its called Benique! Thats where I got these cute Halloween festive jewelry pieces from! Benique is a new online jewelry store with a big selection of bracelets, earrings, necklaces and more! Benique is very hip and young with affordable pieces for any occasion. I’m in love with all things skulls for October      especially the past couple of weeks since we are getting closer and closer to the      Halloween season. These pieces I’m wearing (linked here & here) aren’t very          overwhelming with the Halloween spirit which I like because you can pair them with classier outfits like this one. Or, just use it all year round which I plan to do. I’m doing a post on there blog which I have linked here for ya’ll to look at. Give them a follow on all their social media as well. It’ll all be linked below!

So, fall for me is all about big scarves, chunky sweaters, boots, cuddling up in bed and drinking your favorite drink from Starbucks. My style as you can tell if you have been following me for awhile changes in almost every post. I like to incorporate many different styles for people who want to look at a blog with not just preppy, retro, modern clothing. My style changes entirely from fall to winter. In the fall I like to wear a lot of neutrals, blacks, and warm colors to capture the weather. In the winter I like to wear more crisp clean colors because it reminds me of the super cold weather an snow. Fall for me is my favorite time of the year for fashion, theres so many different things you can do with your style in the fall. I hope by me showing you some of my favorite things and different outfits for fall you can find your true style for fall or all year round! Have a great day!

Benique Blog 

Benique Instagram

Have a great day! 🙂

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