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Hey ya’ll! I have this awesome new accessories company to tell everyone about. It’s called POPPHINX! They have fun, young, bright accessories at super affordable prices. Like how cute are the ones I’m wearing? Earrings were both only $12! Everything is linked above and you can check out the rest of their site here. I also have a KILLER coupon code for ya’ll, you get 40% off at checkout when you use code LOVELIVBIEN. That’s going to make those prices drop! These will be great gifts for the holidays coming up. It’s never too early to start your holiday shopping and this coupon code won’t last for long! I styled this plan dress because I love taking my favorite Plain Jane dress and transforming it with bright fun accessories. It’s a great way to wear one simple dress like this one several different ways! If you’re looking for a more nighttime look but still want to amp up your favorite dress I recommend these cute earrings and this fun handbag to transform your outfit for a date night or a night out with the gals! Have a great day! CODE- LOVELIVBIEN

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