Holiday Travel Essentials…

Holiday Travel Essentials...
I thought I would put together some of my must haves for holiday traveling. This is based on more if you’re going somewhere cold or the holiday months are usually cold for you. It’s very easy to alter if you live or are going somewhere warm. The Patagonia pullover is my favorite thing about this, I have two and they’re so warm. I purchased them a couple years ago and they have still held up well. Very much worth the price. I wear size small or medium in these because they do run one to two sizes small. These make great gifts for the holidays as well! I’m so excited for the holiday seasons approaching us, especially Christmas. I know it’s still a little early but I always like starting my Christmas shopping the first few weeks of November so I get ahead. Also, who else is super excited about the red cups at Starbucks already? I know I am! The Christmas drinks are always my favorite. I really love the Gingerbread latte…yum. I love doing posts like these and just talking about some things that are coming up to catch up with you guys. I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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