Petals and Peacocks…

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| Sweatshirt: Petals and Peacocks | Pants: Adidas | Shoes: Puma

Can we just talk about this sweatshirt? Amazing. The saying on it is actually lyrics from Drakes song Back to Back. Just to clear that up! My sweatshirt is under $60 and so worth it. I can already tell I’m going to be wearing this sweatshirt a lot for one, it’s SO soft and warm, and for two, it’s freaking awesome! This outfit would be great for traveling or running around doing errands or just when you feel like being a real OG haha. I love shirts like these that are casual but you can still dress them up or dress them down. They’re very versatile and so fun to wear! I loved this one especially because I love Drake. I definitely want to see him in concert when he’s near. Petals and Peacocks has great shirts and accessories. From funny ones to lyrics and relatable things. It’s a edgy and fun brand. These shirts with sayings and what not are in trend BIG for the fall and winter, it all started back in the summer and honestly, I don’t see them ever going out of style. I plan on getting so many more. I’ve linked this sweatshirt above like always! Have a great day, thanks for stopping by!

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