How I Straighten My Hair…

Step 1: I brush out my hair with my Wet Brush. My hair gets really tangly and this brush  gets them out with no struggle.

Step 2: Today I am using my favorite straightener ever! It’s the Nume Megastar straightener. It heats up in less than a minute, makes your hair so sleek straight in half the time of a regular straightener. I heat the straightener up to 450 if my hair is really wavy or 390 when I need a touch up. I separate my hair on two sides if it’s really wavy, if not then I straighten the parts needed the most.


IMG_2397 IMG_2402 IMG_2412

Step 3: Now that I am done straightening my hair I’m going to be using Nume’s Argon Oil on the ends of my hair and on my fly aways. This oil adds shine to your hair as well as brings it back to life after putting so much heat on it. I always make sure to not use too much, a little goes a long way.

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| Straightener: Nume | Argon Oil: Nume |

I have a HUGE discount for ya’ll on this amazing straightener. You can get this straightener for $61 with the code ORNAMENT61 you apply at checkout. The original price of this straightener is $169. This Nume Megastar Straightener linked here is a great gift for Christmas coming up. It’s never too early to start your shopping, especially with a deal like this. It also comes in 3 different colors so you’ll be able to satisfy whoever you’re shopping for. This straightener heats up in less than a minute, its highest heat setting is 450. I tend to use it on 450 only if my hair is very wavy. I usually set it to 350-390. It also leaves your hair looking sleek straight and so shiny once you’re all done. If you purchase the Nume Argon Oil as well then it will add a little extra shine and help prevent dead ends. This is an all around great product. It has cut my hair styling time in half. You only have to go over one piece of hair once, slowly and you’re all set! Theres no need in having to go over one piece of hair ten times! 

Alright ya’ll that completes how I like to straighten my hair. I don’t put a lot of heat on my hair because I’m trying to grow it out so, I’ve only been putting heat on it a couple times a month and it’s working! I’ve grown a couple inches in the last couple months I believe. I will give you all of my tips and tricks on how to keep your hair healthy and tips on growing it out soon. Have a great day! 

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