Crisp Air + Gold Jewels…

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| Jeans: Abercrombie $39! | Bracelet: The Peach Box | Ring: The Peach Box | Clutch: Leboutique | Booties: Nordstrom

Hey ya’ll, I hope everyone had a great weekend! I’m starting off this Monday with some great jewelry and deals for you. The Peach Box is my current obsession. How could it not be though? Did you see how pretty that ring and bracelet is? I have a 15% off discount code for ya’ll use code “tpb-livbien” at checkout. You can get anything in the store ( I want everything in the store!) The Peach Box has an assortment of great good quality yet affordable jewelry. One of my current favorites they have right now is this gorgeous twisted nail bangle. I’ll end up buying it before the week is over lol! I’m looking forward to shopping at The Peach Box for some Christmas presents this year. You can use my code to Christmas shop while saving you a little money at The Peach box. 

MY CODE “tpb-livbien” 

Anyways, the weather here lately has been so strange. One day its in the 70s the next its in the 50s. Every afternoon and night as been so cold though. The temps are dropping in the 30s. I’m happy and sad about this. I love the cold weather for two reasons, one, it usually means Christmas and New Years is near. Two, it means SNOW is coming!! Yay! I love the snow and get excited for it to come each year. I’m hoping for a white Christmas this year. Last year we had a white Thanksgiving and a sunny Christmas. Mother Nature most have gotten mixed up lol. Thank you for stopping by, have a great Monday! 

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