Christmas Wishlist…

Christmas Wishlist...
| 1. I’ve been dying for new booties lately like these. The big heel gets me every time. | 2. This jacket from Bodaskins has been on my list for awhile. I already have a black leather jacket but I can’t pass up this unique color. | 
3.  Pink Fendi bag? Umm, yes please! I’ve been wanting a fun new cross body and this one will do the trick. | 4.  I’ve been seeing a lot of pink faux fur coats and vests lately, I have to get my hands on this multiple colored one. It’ll be great for the cold winter months. | 5. These Louboutins are my absolute dream shoes! I love the heels but I feel like the bootie heels would be more versatile for me. | 6. This ring is gorgeous. My birthday is in January so the Ruby is my birthstone. I’ve been wanting a gold ring with a ruby in the middle of it for quite some time. | 7.  The Cartier love bracelet is gorgeous and a classic. You can never go wrong with this one ladies! | 8.  If you know me well, you know I’m a bit of a makeup hoarder. I love lipstick more than anything.  I wear nudes, dark pinks, and berry colored ones the most. That’s what I think fits my skin tone best. | 9. This is a very versatile color and would look good with any skin tone. | 10. I use to have the Ray-ban all black aviators until one day  my dog Benzema got a hold of them and destroyed them. I think I need a replacement and these will do the trick. | 11.  Like I said before I’ve been wanting a new fun cross body, this is a lot smaller than the other and in neutral so they’re totally different. I’ll have a hard time deciding! 
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