Cyber Monday Sales…

| 1. J.Crew ($41.00) | 2. Nordstrom ($44.00) | 3. Shopbop ($112) | 4. Nordstrom ($145) | 5. Shopbop ($136) Exclusive! | 6. Shopbop ($572) | 7. Madewell ($69) | 8. J.Crew ($53.00) | 9. Nordstrom ($79) | 10. Madewell ($248) |

Hi Ya’ll long time no see. Sorry for my absence lately but I’m back and going to be posting 5 days a week again. I’ve rounded up some of the best places for Cyber Monday sales and some of the best steals from them. I’m going to be doing a lot of Christmas shopping on the sales today, these items are some of the things I’ll be snatching up. I went Black Friday shopping at a couple places and didn’t find anything! Although the sales weren’t too great at the places and times I went either. The crowds were insane, I’m glad I didn’t try to tackle Walmart. I’ve been seeing so many funny videos on social media of the things that went down there. That’s a little too crazy for me. I hope everyone has a great day!

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