| Jacket: Bloomingdales | Hat: Urban Outfitters |

A lot of change is going to be going on here. I realized the other day I didn’t like how little of effort I was putting into my blog and social media and wanted to make a major change. I’m going to be changing everything. Posts on my blog will go up every single day as well as on Instagram (@livbien). I want the post to show more of me and my personality like these above. I’m going to spend more effort into editing the pictures, creating a good theme and being a blog that you want to come to everyday. I want my blog to show my personality and creativity. I want the posts to be something you aren’t going to expect each day. Also, I’m going to be starting up my YouTube channel with strictly fashion only videos. I have some great ideas in mind and a lot is to come! I can’t wait to share more. Have a great day, thank you for supporting me!

Author: Livbien

Hi I'm Olivia! Welcome to Livbien. I will show you all the style tips and tricks in my book. Along with my daily outfits and whats hot in the fashion world! Follow along with me on my fashion adventure.

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