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| Leggings: Amvi Collection | Shoes: Vionic | Sweatshirt: Nike |

Hi ya’ll! Welcome back to livbien. I have a great post for you today about exercising and my favorite shoes to do it in. As far as my exercise routine has been going, I’ve been running 2-3  times a week and doing some core and leg workouts on the days I don’t run. As simple as that! When I do run, I usually try to run anywhere from 30-45 minutes. My core and leg workouts don’t take long either. Core is usually around 15 minutes and legs are usually around 10. So, my routine is for that busy bee or someone who isn’t all for exercising.

On to the outfit, I keep it simple when I workout. If its indoors, shorts and a t-shirt. Outdoors, anything and everything to stay warm this time a year! Now, Let’s talk about these shoes. Cute right? I’m obsessed. The comfort in these is unreal! I’ve caught myself wearing these to go run errands and all kinds of things other than exercise. There just so darn comfy! My shoes from Vionic come in several different colors and at a great price. It’s always good to invest in a good pair of tennis shoes, because you want them to last but you want them to be comfortable as well. That’s these for sure. I’ve traded my old tennis shoes out for these and won’t be going back! I’ve linked them above for ya’ll to check out. I’ve also had my eye on this pair, maybe an investment in the future? Anyway, If you’d like to see more about my workout routine let me know and I’ll get to it. Thanks for stopping by, have a great day!

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