V-Day Casual Outfit…


| Sweater: 12 East On sale for $26.99! | Jeans: ASOS | Shoes: Nordstrom |

Hi Ya’ll! I’m so excited for the next posts including this one on the blog. They’re all for Valentines Day! I’ve put together this casual look. This would work great if you’re just hanging out with friends and family or are just doing something casual with your significant other! The next couple of outfits are semi-fancy and fancy. I’ve got all your outfit needs for the upcoming Valentines Day! If you recreate any of my looks I would love for you to tag me in them on Instagram or Twitter @livbien.

If you don’t like the pink pants you can always just do denim and a festive colored sweater, this look is very versatile! Also, if you aren’t a heels kind of gal you can wear flats or booties. Either would look great. Stay tuned for tomorrows post.

Have a great day! 

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