Birksun Solar Backpack…


| Leggings: Old, but love this pair! | Shoes: Nike | Sunnies: Porsche Design, cheaper pair here.  | Shirt: Paisley Summer , Only $5! | Backpack: Birksun | Charger: Birksun |

Happy TGIF!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Friday! What’re your plans for this weekend? Something fun hopefully! As you can see I’m not in my natural spot for pictures that’s because I’m talking about something really fun today.

I went to a huge waterfall near where I live and went hiking with my awesome new backpack from Birksun! Birksun sells these super cute solar panel backpacks. The one I have in the pictures is only $99! How it works is, if you have the backpack on or it’s laying out in the sun, it just takes 20 minutes for the solar panel to charge up. So, you can lay your portable battery on it to charge it up and all sorts of things. It’s great if you’re an outdoors person and it’s great for festivals when you’re out in the sun all day! Birksun has several different styles of backpacks, all with solar panels, and all with different colors and designs. They also sell the external batteries like I’m using! The external battery I have is $99 as well and gives your phone 600% boost in battery life. I’ll be using both of these items all spring and summer for some great adventures! If you decide to get something from Birksun make sure to tell them Olivia sent you! 🙂

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