| Dress: Lulu’s under $100! | Necklace: Bloomingdales | Purse: Chanel |

Everything is linked in this outfit. You can click on the words in pink to take you straight to the website to view the item!

I’m so so sorry for my lack of posts here on the blog. The camera I was using for my blog pictures broke all of the sudden and I had to do researching for a new one. I’ve also been very busy traveling this summer. I’ve finally got a new and improved camera. I’m going to be posting 6-7 days a week on here now to make up for missed time and for a fresh start. I have so many great ideas for posts a head and of course I’m going to share pictures and stories from my travels this summer very soon. I’ve already got posts lined up for the weeks ahead. I hope ya’ll aren’t too mad at me and are looking forward to whats ahead! Have a wonderful day! 🙂

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