Baby baby…


| Top: Sacred Hawk | Shorts: ASOS | Sunnies: Vintage Raybans | Purse: Celine | Shoes: ASOS |

Welcome back! So yesterday if you noticed I got the dates mixed up lol. The whole day I thought it was Friday, but I’ve got my dates right now. So, happy Friday! I hope your weekend is off to a great start and everyone has fun adventures planned. The weather is going to be beautiful this weekend so I plan on being outside a lot! I can’t get over these sunnies. I’ve been looking for a vintage pair of small framed glasses for weeks. If you didn’t know, the small framed lenses or colored lenses are the hottest trend right now. I got so lucky and came across these vintage raybans for such a good price and had to get them! Now I’m obsessed with them and want to buy every small frame lensed glasses I can find. I’ve been loving vintage pieces lately, I look at a few vintage stores online and have been going into thrift stores to see the cool things I can find. You never know the treasures you can find!

Have a great weekend!

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