Dress Into a Kimono…


| Shoes: Zara | Purse: Celine | Kimono: ASOS |

Happy Wednesday! We’re almost to the weekend! If you remember I did a blog post on this dress that I turned into a kimono for todays look awhile back. I like it better as a kimono because as a dress its very oversized even when its belted! Kimonos are a big trend right now and you can join in on the trend if you’re a fan of it pretty easy. We all have a kimono in our closest or at least something we can change into one. If you have a oversized button up dress that’s short sleeve or it could be long sleeve you can easily make it into a kimono. Also, if you have a silk robe at home you could use that as a kimono too if you just take out the belted part of it!

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