Mixing It Up…


| Skirt: Aritzia | Shoes: ASOS | Coat: Burberry | Sunnies: ASOS | Purse: Shop Flynn |

Welcome back! Todays the big solar eclipse we or maybe some of us have been waiting for! I’m so excited to get to watch it for the first time ever today. It’s going to be so exciting and I’ll definitely tell you what I thought of it after it’s all over with. I also want to mention that I’m doing a loop giveaway on my Instagram right now thats for a new iPhone 7 and a $200 Mac voucher if you would like to join! I’ll link my instagram in this post but its also linked at the bottom of the home page.

Now on to the outfit, I want to talk about these shoes first. I thought I would get little to no wear out of these shoes after purchasing them but they actually go with so much. Way more than you would think! I’ve been trying to spice up my shoe collection lately because I usually stick with neutral shoes but shoes can really put an outfit together so I’ve started to go with brighter colored ones like these! When I bought them my mind instantly went to “I can only wear these with stuff that has pink in it” or “I can only wear these with plain stuff” but nope! Fashion is so fun because you can mix prints, colors, textures, anything goes as long as you feel confident in it! Mixing prints, colors, and textures is especially in big this fall which is a bonus. Always wear what you feel confident in but don’t be afraid to break out of your shell!

Have a great day. Thank you for reading!

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  1. The hot pink boots are really chic and lovely! It makes your whole outfit more vibrant and colorful. I love autumn because we can mix, match and change up in a ton of ways.

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