Hello Cold Weather…


| Sweater: J.Crew | Pants: Zara | Jacket: Old Zara, similar here | Purse: Chanel | Shoes: Adidas on sale for $89!|

Welcome back! Long time no see, I was gone for a little bit and I apologize. I’ve been traveling this past week to Pennslyvania then to the warm weather in Miami! So, its been a week of relaxation and I took time off from posting. I came back to the cold weather which I didn’t mind much because I’ve been looking forward to it. It seems like the summer weather lasted for like 6 months or longer and I was ready for a change in weather and excited to bring out my fall/winter clothes! I found these Zara pants on my Miami trip and love love love them. They’re more for work but I’ve been really into the whole workwear and menswear trend. I love the women’s monochrome suits that I’ve seen floating around Instagram! One of my favorite trends is getting work pants or suit pants like these and pairing them with chunky sneakers. This is a HUGE trend right now. I don’t mind it since I’m all for comfort in my shoes! These Adidas shoes are perfect for this trend but they’re still on the girly side since they’re a pastel purple. But, looking like a tomboy is IN at the moment haha. Get on this trend ladies! To refresh your memory a bit, you can always shop my looks from the links highlighted in blue above. Any word thats highlighted you can click on and shop that item.

Thank you for reading! Have a great day!

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