Extended Cyber Monday…


| Scarf: Loft 50% off with code “CLICK” | Shoes: ASOS | Jeans: River Island | Purse: Celine |

Hi everyone! I have some good extended cyber Monday sales for you today. This scarf comes in a couple different styles and colors and is still 50% off with the code “CLICK” at checkout on the Loft. Everything on the Loft is still 50% off so get your orders placed people! ASOS was doing 30% off everything as I said on my Instagram yesterday these pants and shoes were 30% off but aren’t anymore today. Although ASOS Is doing 30% off all party wear so if you need a good dress for a Christmas party coming up or for New Years thats right around the corner I would get it now! They have thousands of cute ones available. Also, If you’re still holiday shopping I still have several different gift guides up on here under the holiday section. If you’re trying to figure out a good gift for your friends, parents, boyfriend/husband, then head on over to that page to get some good ideas!

Thank you for reading! Have a great day and happy shopping!

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