Faux Fur Leopard…


Happy Friday! I shared this look a few days ago on my Instagram and if you missed it then you can view the deets here! If this isn’t your first time on my blog then you might have noticed its completely different now. Everything is redone and in different places and theres a lot of new content! There will be a lot more new content coming up within the next couple of weeks. From now on I’ll be putting a slideshow of pics in each post where you can shop my outfit instead of how things were before.  You simply just click on the picture to shop the item and it will take you directly to the website so you can get to shopping! You can click left and right on the arrows to see the rest of the items. Now, lets talk about this coat, shall we? I believe statement coats can put together any look. You can have sweats and a plain tee on and throw on a leopard coat, colored faux fur coat, patterned blazer, and the look comes together completely! Faux fur leopard is a great coat to start with in your collection. This one is from Loft and its at a great price! Theres also a couple other great leopard faux fur coats in the slide show linked below. I hope you enjoyed this post and enjoy the renovations!

Thank you so much for reading, Have a great day!

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