Bright Sweaters and Bold Patterns…


| Sweater: J.Crew , cute one here too | Jeans: Levis | Purse: Coach| Shoes: Zara |

Welcome back! I’m in the brightest of colors today. Bright colors are in this winter as a huge trend! I’m use to wearing dark and neutrals in the winter as I think everyone pretty much is but its so nice to see that bright colors and bold patterns are in this year. I know some people are scared to wear bold prints or bright colors especially throughout the winter but you shouldn’t be! These can both be intimidating to wear but if you wear them correctly you can feel so confident and work it! J.Crew as well as ASOS has some awesome sweaters right now and a lot of them are still on sale or you could add them to your holiday wish list. The one I’m wearing here is a couple years old but they just came out with a very similar one so I linked it and another really cute one for you guys. I also included a few other of my favorites below in the slideshow!

Thank you for reading. Have a great day!


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