Metallic Blue Midi…


| Shoes: Zara | Skirt: J.Crew old, similar here,  and here | Sweater: J.Crew | Tights: Item M6 | Vest: Calvin Klein old, similar here and here | Purse: Chanel |

Hi everyone! I have a very exciting post today featuring the warmest and most flattering tights that I own by Item M6. I’m not the biggest fan of tights just because they’re usually uncomfortable or get runs to easily but when the weather is super cold they’re an absolute must! These M6 tights are nothing like your ordinary tights. There contouring compression threads increase circulation, giving the legs more energy while combating cellulite, spider veins and blemishes. Item M6 also has leggings, shape wear, socks, and tops. The tights I’m wearing are the Opaque version which I love for winter and usually opaque is warmer! The opaque tights look great with skirts and dresses and these will make you feel confident to show off your legs with the compression technology. If you aren’t a fan of opaque they also come in several different colors, styles, and patterns that you can look at here . Item M6 has everything you’ll need for those dress or skirt wearing days!

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