Best Sweaters For Fall…

Best Sweaters For Fall...


Happy Friday! Todays post is in my opinion, the best sweaters to get for fall. I tried to include different stores with different price ranges. These are the cutest sweaters and from the looks of it, the coziest that I’ve found online so far! All of these are also very in trend right now from the chenille to stripes to the bell sleeves and ruffles. Every sweater on here is on trend! It was so hard to only choose just 10 because all of these websites each sweater is from have so many adorable ones. I also want to mention, I included some sweaters from ASOS, they’re having a HUGE sale right now. You can get up to 70% off on a ton of items! They have sweaters, shoes, accessories, etc. For men and women! I believe the sale only lasts a couple more days or two. It started off as a 50% off sale and they bumped it up to 70% which is even better. Some of the other websites these sweaters are from have a few little promotions going on as well. I always love a good deal, I mean who doesn’t? So, I always have to tell you guys about the latest sales! I hope you liked this post!
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A Pop Of Pattern….


| Pants: Zara | Shirt: Madewell also obsessed with this one| Shoes: Zara only $30! |

Its almost the weekend you guys! Who’s excited? I know I am! I thought this outfit was so cute, when I was wearing it I felt like I was in an old time movie based in the fall haha. The scarf around my ponytail made me feel this way I guess! This use to be a huge trend back then and its back! Also little velvet bows or velvet scarves that you can tie around your ponytail are all huge trends right now! You can use any small thin scarf you might have and do this. You just tie it once around in a knot or tie it into a bow. Either way is super cute and adds something extra to the outfit! This outfit would have been pretty plain without the patterned scarf. It added the perfect touch of color and pattern to this look! The pants I’m wearing are a couple years old from Zara so I couldn’t find the exact pair but I found one thats extremely similar they just aren’t as loose fitting as these. If you want to recreate this you could easily just use black jeans or black trousers and it would work the same. Also, my top is actually a dress from Madewell which is also a couple years old but I linked one thats sorta similar and just as cute! Any plain colored or patterned button up would work good with this look.


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Light Layers…


| Top: Onia I’m wearing a mens medium for it to be oversized | Shoes: Cole Haan | Cardigan: J.Crew | Jeans: Old, similar here | Purse: Chanel |

Welcome back! I’ve been really into casual style lately and light layers since the weather has been so crazy. Its been warm during the day but cool during the mornings and nights so light layers are the way to go when the weathers like this! This shirt is actually a mens shirt and it has a little story behind it. When I went to Miami Swim Week back in July my luggage actually got sent to a completely different airport leaving me with no luggage for a whole day. That being said, I didn’t want to re-wear my dirty airport clothes and the only shops I could get to quickly was the hotel gift store. Luckily this store had more of actual clothes instead of just logo hotel shirts and gifts. So, I picked up this mens linen shirt and thought I was only going to wear it that day but surprisingly I’ve worn it like a thousand times since I got it! Its great for layering and I love oversized buttons up for everyday looks. They’re so easy to just throw on and go!

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White Tee and Vintage Jeans…


| Shirt: Aritzia | Jeans: Vintage 501 Levis (they were my moms!) | Shoes: Dr. Martens | Sunnies: ASOS |

Hi guys! This is a really simple look I look wearing during the week or on the weekends. Its a great casual look if you’re going to be hanging out with friends and family, going to the mall, running errands etc. You can switch the plain white t shirt out for a band t shirt or if its colder where you live you can switch it for your favorite long sleeve shirt. You can even use a thin sweater and tie it in the front. It hasn’t got cold enough here yet to even wear many sweaters, ugh! I want the weather to cool down already so I can bring out all of my favorite sweaters but I don’t think its going to ever cool down haha. On another note, these sunnies are perfect for adding some spice to a simple look like this one. They make it a little more trendy and add something to the look that makes it more unique. These sunnies are super affordable but they aren’t cheaply made. I’ve had them for around 6 months now and they still look brand new! I highly suggest getting a pair of cat eye sunnies if you don’t have any. I also have a pair that are bigger frames on Livbien Collection that are very affordable! Also, for every purchase on Livbien Collection your name goes into a drawing for a FREE iPhone x. Happy shopping!


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Pink + Red…



| Dress: H&M | Shoes: Cole Haan | Purse: Coach |

Welcome back peeps! I found this beautiful H&M dress over the weekend and wore it to church on Sunday. I got so many compliments on it! It was perfect for the rainy weather. It wasn’t cold enough for a coat but this would look adorable with a trench coat or a leather jacket to make it more edgy. Pink and red paired together is a big trend right now. This was big in the late 90s and early two thousands. It sorta reminds me of Valentines Day but I love it together! These two colors compliment each other so well. I decided to pair my favorite loafers with this to add some pattern to the outfit since the dress was plain as well as the purse. I needed something to separate things! H&M also has a dress very similar to this one but with a floral pattern and ruffles. Its adorable! You can shop it here. The ruffle dress would look so cute with these shoes which are under $100!

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Icy Blue…


| Sweater: Old J.Crew, similar here. Also been loving this one | Jeans: ShopBop | Shoes: Cole Haan | Purse: Chanel | Sunnies: Celine |Bottle: Elemental Bottles |

Happy Saturday! Sorry for being a slacker on the posts this week but even though sometimes I don’t posts 5-6 days a week on here I’m always posting on Instagram every single day if you want to follow me on there! You can follow me through this link:

I’m so ready for the weather to start cooling down so I can start wearing more of my sweaters like this one. Sweaters are such good investments. Everyone should invest in good sweaters because some can last a lifetime! Along with jeans and purses as well. I’ve had this one for a few years from J.Crew and it still looks brand new. My grandma always taught me to take really good care of your clothes and they’ll last you a lifetime and she was right! This one hasn’t made it through a lifetime but its made it through about 3 years which is a good start. I’ve had my eye on this one from Ganni thats really similar just a little chunkier for awhile! It also comes in a few other colors too. I think this light blue is a great color for fall and winter, it reminds me of snow! I’ve actually worn it in a snowstorm before so thats probably why haha. I also talked about these jeans a few days ago and how flattering they are. Levis are really good jeans to invest into if you don’t want to break the bank. Some styles are over $100 but theres a couple that are lower and you can usually find them on sale at department stores this time a year. I highly suggest the 501 style!

You’re also probably wondered about my bottle. Its from Elemental Bottles. I take it with me everywhere! I fill it up with ice and water and it keeps my drink cold for hours and hours. You can also put hot coffee or any hot drink of you choice in it and the bottle will keep it hot for hours. It carrys 25 oz which is great because I don’t feel like I’m drinking that much! It helps me get in my water intake throughout the day which I think is a thing we all have trouble doing. Elemental Bottles has a large assortment of colors for men and women in their stainless steal bottles. The teal one like I have here is my favorite! These bottles are great if you’re always on the go or for taking to your workout.

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What To Wear To The Big Game….


| Sweater: Pepperdine fan gear | Jeans: Shopbop | Bag: Goyard | Hat: ASOS | Shoes: Sheinside |

Hi peeps! I wanted to create a look for those of you who attend sports events! A lot of sports are starting their seasons now that its fall and I thought I would show you a way to sport your fan gear in a unique and trendy way. So first you can get your favorite team shirt or sweater like mine and pair it with high waisted jeans. The jeans i’m wearing are my favorite high waisted pair! They’re the 501 Levis. I think these are some of the most flattering jeans you can get for all body types. After you have your jeans and shirt pairing it with some block heeled booties of that goes with your team colors looks wonderful! But, if you know you’ll be standing for a long time I suggest switching the heeled booties for a pair of Dr. Martens or a pair of sneakers. Lastly, this look is all about accessories to make it unique and trendy. My favorite accessories lately have been baker boy hats, like this one or a beret, like this one. ASOS has several different styles and colors of berets on their site right now that are to die for. Also, Lisa Says Gah has some really pretty ones that might fit your team colors more! This is my favorite Lisa Says Gah one. If you aren’t a fan of hats you can always stack some gold or silver necklaces along with stacking rings. Now as for your bag, since I have a lot of solids going on and not any patterns I wanted to separate things with a patterned bag. Goyard has beautiful bags and the patterns on their bags are perfect. If you don’t want to splurge on an expensive bag then thats ok too. A gingham bag or leopard clutch would also work great with this! This is my favorite gingham bag . Along with this beautiful leopard clutch. This is my favorite look to wear to a sporting event when I want to represent the team i’m cheering for! At the end of this post i’ve created a collage with a couple different options of looks to give you some more ideas on what to wear. I hope this helped you out on what to wear to your next sporting event. Now you can be the girl with the trendiest outfit at the big game!

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What To Wear To The Big Game