Little Black Dress…


| Dress: Tory Burch | Shoes: Nordstrom | Purse: Chanel | Hat: ASOS |

Hi everyone! I’m in my very favorite dress today. I’ve had this for two years now and its my favorite winter dress! You can’t tell too much in the photos but it actually has little glitters sewn into it so when its worn at night and you walk by a street light or something it glistens so beautifully. Every girl needs that little black dress that makes them feel beautiful. You can always use and wear a little black dress to any event you might have going on! I’ve put together a few of my very favorite little black dresses below for you guys so if you don’t have one then now is the perfect time to get one especially with all of the holiday events and parties coming up!

Thank you for reading. Have a wonderful day!


Christmas Spirit…


| Jeans: Levi’s | Shoes: Nordstrom | Sweater: J.Crew | Hat: Anthropologie old, similar here and a few others below|

Hello everyone! Who else is getting in the Christmas spirit? Christmas is one of my favorite holidays so the second Thanksgiving was over I was ready to celebrate Christmas! If you aren’t in the spirit yet maybe these photos will put you in the spirit. I’ve been posting lot of Christmas themed pictures on Instagram lately. If you follow me you’ve probably seen them and if not then you can follow me at the bottom of my blog or on the socials in the side bar. I’ve been getting a lot of wear out of these booties from Nordstrom lately! I love booties for everyday use and for running around doing errands because they’re comfortable but you can still look put together. These ones are very comfy and theres a couple different colors. The dark brown goes great with more of the things that I own then the other colors but black is always a good staple bootie as well. I also included a few other pairs of booties similar and in different price ranges in the slideshow below!

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Bright Sweaters and Bold Patterns…


| Sweater: J.Crew , cute one here too | Jeans: Levis | Purse: Coach| Shoes: Zara |

Welcome back! I’m in the brightest of colors today. Bright colors are in this winter as a huge trend! I’m use to wearing dark and neutrals in the winter as I think everyone pretty much is but its so nice to see that bright colors and bold patterns are in this year. I know some people are scared to wear bold prints or bright colors especially throughout the winter but you shouldn’t be! These can both be intimidating to wear but if you wear them correctly you can feel so confident and work it! J.Crew as well as ASOS has some awesome sweaters right now and a lot of them are still on sale or you could add them to your holiday wish list. The one I’m wearing here is a couple years old but they just came out with a very similar one so I linked it and another really cute one for you guys. I also included a few other of my favorites below in the slideshow!

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Faux Fur Leopard…


Happy Friday! I shared this look a few days ago on my Instagram and if you missed it then you can view the deets here! If this isn’t your first time on my blog then you might have noticed its completely different now. Everything is redone and in different places and theres a lot of new content! There will be a lot more new content coming up within the next couple of weeks. From now on I’ll be putting a slideshow of pics in each post where you can shop my outfit instead of how things were before.  You simply just click on the picture to shop the item and it will take you directly to the website so you can get to shopping! You can click left and right on the arrows to see the rest of the items. Now, lets talk about this coat, shall we? I believe statement coats can put together any look. You can have sweats and a plain tee on and throw on a leopard coat, colored faux fur coat, patterned blazer, and the look comes together completely! Faux fur leopard is a great coat to start with in your collection. This one is from Loft and its at a great price! Theres also a couple other great leopard faux fur coats in the slide show linked below. I hope you enjoyed this post and enjoy the renovations!

Thank you so much for reading, Have a great day!

Comfiest Of Days…


| Pants: Champion | Shoes: Gucci | Shirt: Supreme | Purse: Coach | Blazer: Vintage, similar here |

Hi peeps! I hope everyones week is going great. I’m in the comfiest of looks today. These sweats are my go to for when I don’t want to dress up or just want to be comfy for the day! They also remind me of the all red sweatsuit that “santa” in the movie “Santa Claus” from back in the day. Anyone remember? I even have the matching sweatshirt to make it a whole monochrome look just like that haha. I felt like it was just a little much together though? haha! It’s so easy to just throw on a pair of sweats, some trendy sneakers and pop on a statement jacket or blazer like this one from the 80s with the major shoulder pads going on! I’ve been obsessed with outerwear lately, I feel like a good statement blazer with a loud pattern or strong shoulder can complete any look out there!

Have a great day! Thank you so much for reading.

If you still haven’t found out the perfect gift for your loved ones this year then be sure to check out my Holiday page to find the perfect gifts!

Extended Cyber Monday…


| Scarf: Loft 50% off with code “CLICK” | Shoes: ASOS | Jeans: River Island | Purse: Celine |

Hi everyone! I have some good extended cyber Monday sales for you today. This scarf comes in a couple different styles and colors and is still 50% off with the code “CLICK” at checkout on the Loft. Everything on the Loft is still 50% off so get your orders placed people! ASOS was doing 30% off everything as I said on my Instagram yesterday these pants and shoes were 30% off but aren’t anymore today. Although ASOS Is doing 30% off all party wear so if you need a good dress for a Christmas party coming up or for New Years thats right around the corner I would get it now! They have thousands of cute ones available. Also, If you’re still holiday shopping I still have several different gift guides up on here under the holiday section. If you’re trying to figure out a good gift for your friends, parents, boyfriend/husband, then head on over to that page to get some good ideas!

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Thanksgiving Outfit Idea…


| Sweater: J.Crew   (if its cold opt for this black turtleneck | Jeans: Nordstrom (old, similar here  and here | Purse: Chanel | Sunnies: ASOS | Shoes: Shein|

Welcome back! I hope everyones Monday is going great. Who’s excited for Thanksgiving on Thursday? I know I am! I might actually wear this look to one of my Thanksgiving dinners. I thought I would most this look toward to maybe give you some outfit ideas for your Thanksgiving dinner if you’re celebrating! All black is always great with a bright cream colored coat or a patterned coat/blazer. This is great for a more casual dinner but the accessories dress it up a little more if you have to go to a fancier dinner directly after you can throw on some accessories and a nice coat! I also linked a pair of SPANX faux leather leggings which are great for Thanksgiving if you plan on eating a lot and want to be comfy while doing it.

Thank you for reading! Have a wonderful week and Thanksgiving!