Dress It Up Or Down…



| Top: IFCHIC | Pants: J.Crew old, similar here | Shoes: ASOS | Purse: Celine| Sunnies: ASOS |

Happy Friday loves! I want to tell you guys about an amazing store by the name of IFCHIC. They has a large variety of designer brands with different price ranges. Some of my favorite brands are on IFCHIC, like this shirt that I’m wearing by, Shrimps. Shrimps has such unique and fun pieces that are great for everyones style! IFCHIC is so great if you’re trying to change up your style or find new brands to wear because there is such a large variety of different pieces that will fit whatever your style might be. I personally love to try out new brands and branch out to pieces I usually would never wear. Like this top for example, I usually wouldn’t go for something with a bold sleeve like this one has but I fell in love with it the second I saw it! I’ve been getting into wearing things with a lot of detailing lately and this top fits perfectly in that category. It can be dressed up or dressed down and worn so many different ways so easily. You never know what you might like until you try new things! So, if you haven’t checked out the wonderful IFCHIC I highly suggest doing so and branching out by trying out new brands and new styles you don’t usually try. IFCHIC is also having an amazing sale right now that you can shop by clicking here. The sale is up to 70% off and over so you’ve got to get on that ladies! Its never too early to start shopping for christmas gifts and this is a great sale to start checking those things off your list! Theres so many great things on there for the upcoming winter season and the current fall season.


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Following The Leaves…


| Pants: Topshop | Shoes: Adidas | Clutch: Louis Vuitton | Sunnies: Quay |

Hi peeps! So this sweater and pants are a couple years old so unfortunately I couldn’t find the exact ones to link for you but I found pretty similar pants from a different brand! I’m started to really like high waisted trousers, especially when they’re belted or a wide leg! Heres a couple other really great pairs you can shop here and here. On another note, fall is slowing coming to an end and we are approaching winter, sooner than I would have hoped but thats ok! The weather has been surprisingly very nice here lately but I have a feeling we will probably get hit with the cold quickly so I had to take pictures in front of the beautiful fall leaves before the trees turn sparse! These sneakers are still on sale for under $100 on ASOS in several different colors. I didn’t think I would get a lot of wear out of them because of them being pale purple but I wear them with literally everything! You would be surprised how much you can actually wear this color with. Plus they are very comfortable and great if you’re going to be doing a lot of walking or standing.


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Mondays Are For Suits…


| Suit: Giorgio Armani | Purse: Chanel | Hat: ASOS | Shirt: ASOS | Shoes: ASOS |

Welcome back! I hope your monday is going wonderful. I decided to post this particular look on Monday because of the suit. I’ve been loving suits and menswear lately, its a huge trend right now! I guess it brings the little tomboy I have in me out. I felt like all I needed was a briefcase and I would be ready for wall street haha. I love it! This suit is a vintage one that use to belong to what must have been a very stylish little lady. Vintage suits are so in right now because of the fit. Oversized blazers are in style right now along with high waisted trousers and suits so when you mash them all your pretty much hitting every trend at the moment in a suit! Also, these shoes are awesome for everyday looks. Heels hurt my feet so bad so I tend to get more block heels then stiletto heels and these are the perfect ones! They come up high enough to work with cropped jeans or pants but I mostly love them because they’re super comfy. I’m all for comfort when it comes to my shoes. I highly suggest these if you’re looking for a good bootie!

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The BEST Leggings…


| Pants: Anthropologie the black pair, here | Shoes: Dr. Marten | Top: Supreme | Purse: Chanel|

Hi peeps! I have to rant about these leggings really quick. These are the best!! They have pockets on the front and on the back, not working pockets but faux pockets which makes these look more like pants, even dressy pants! They’re actually the most flattering and softest leggings ever. Since they do have pockets they look more flattering than some leggings that don’t have the faux pockets do. These run a little big so I suggest going a size down. I usually wear a size small but I got a XS in these. These also come in black but this burgundy color is perfect for fall and the upcoming holiday months. You could dress these leggings up with a nicer sweater and some heels or heeled boots and they would look perfect like that as well! I opted for a more cozy look since it was a chilly day outside and I was running errands all day. But, if you love a good pair of leggings you need to snatch these up! Anthropologie also has SPANX leggings in some fun colors and prints that are also very flattering. They’re super high-waisted and are the spanx material so they do look like leggings more than these do but they are so very flattering! I’ll be showing you guys those too coming up sometime next week or on my Instagram. Theres a few colors of the SPANX ones on sale on Shopbops 2 day surprise sale right now too that you can shop here and here. Both of these are the best, I highly recommend!


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6 Great Dresses…


| Dress: ASOS Monki brand | Shoes: River Island | Sunnies: Celine |

Happy Friday! I’ve been wearing a lot of dresses and skirts lately to switch things up and widen my style. I’ve been finding a lot of really cute and unique dresses lately along with some beautiful skirts! When you have a dress like this with a lot of detail you don’t have to put much effort into the outfit as you have to if the dress was plain with no details that stick out. Very detailed dresses or dresses with loud patterns are so easy to wear because you can just slip them on with a pair of shoes and head out the door. Thats why I’ve been loving these so much lately! If you’re a busy lady or just don’t feel like adding a lot of accessories and details to your outfit everyday then I suggest getting a few loud patterned or highly detailed dresses like this one. Another plus to this dress is that its very well priced (under $50) which is always nice! You can shop it above along with the rest of this look like always. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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Some other great dresses:


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Warehouse Mica Carnation Skirt



The BEST Fuzzy Sweater…


| Sweater: Sheinside | Shoes: Zara | Skirt: Sheinside | Purse: Givenchy | Sunnies: ASOS |

Hi peeps! I hope everyone is having a great week so far, it’s already almost to an end! It seems like this time of year flies by all the way up until after Christmas. This is the simplest yet very chic outfit and very affordable which is always a plus! This skirt and sweater combo is great for everyday or for a date night. It’ll keep you warm and comfortable throughout the day/night too! I’ve been looking for a fuzzy sweater like this one for about a month now and haven’t found one that really stuck out to me. These fuzzy sweaters use to be a big trend in the 90s and early 2000s and made a major comeback this year just like a lot of trends from the 90s and 2000s have. This one has been the best one I’ve seen and its so cozy which is a must when I’m going to wear a sweater! If I’m going to wear a sweater I want it to be super cozy and obviously warm, who doesn’t? Also, every girl needs a few mini skirts in their closets. These are staples for all year round even on those bitter cold days you can pair it with tights to keep your legs warm. Theres nothing worse than being cold! A faux leather skirt is perfect for the fall and winter especially when paired with a sweater or a nice blouse if you’re heading out somewhere nice! You can shop this look through the links above. If you click on the blue words it will take you directly to the item so you can shop! You can also get 10% off your first purchase at Sheinside if you sign up for emails.


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Hello Cold Weather…


| Sweater: J.Crew | Pants: Zara | Jacket: Old Zara, similar here | Purse: Chanel | Shoes: Adidas on sale for $89!|

Welcome back! Long time no see, I was gone for a little bit and I apologize. I’ve been traveling this past week to Pennslyvania then to the warm weather in Miami! So, its been a week of relaxation and I took time off from posting. I came back to the cold weather which I didn’t mind much because I’ve been looking forward to it. It seems like the summer weather lasted for like 6 months or longer and I was ready for a change in weather and excited to bring out my fall/winter clothes! I found these Zara pants on my Miami trip and love love love them. They’re more for work but I’ve been really into the whole workwear and menswear trend. I love the women’s monochrome suits that I’ve seen floating around Instagram! One of my favorite trends is getting work pants or suit pants like these and pairing them with chunky sneakers. This is a HUGE trend right now. I don’t mind it since I’m all for comfort in my shoes! These Adidas shoes are perfect for this trend but they’re still on the girly side since they’re a pastel purple. But, looking like a tomboy is IN at the moment haha. Get on this trend ladies! To refresh your memory a bit, you can always shop my looks from the links highlighted in blue above. Any word thats highlighted you can click on and shop that item.

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