That 70s Show Vibes…


| Pants: Mango | Shoes: Zara | Top: ASOS | Lip Liner: Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk | Lipstick: Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk |

Hey guys! Today I’ve got the major 70s vibes going. I recently started to watch That 70s Show on Netflix and I’m obsessed with all the outfits in the show, especially Jackies! I’ve seen the show before but only bits and pieces. I never sat down and fully watched it and now I’m addicted to it! These are some of the most flattering and most comfortable pants I own, no joke. I thought they wouldn’t be comfortable at all and that I would only get a few wears out of them but no. I was wrong! They’re so soft and very very stretchy all over so I suggest purchasing your normal size in these because they leave you plenty of breathing room. For example, if you go out to eat in these you can totally stuff your face and still be able to breathe afterwards lol. But I highly highly suggesting purchasing these for this fall! Bell bottoms and corduroys have came back ladies so snatch up a pair! You won’t be sorry. I also decided to link my lipstick and liner I’m wearing bc its so beautiful and long lasting! It stayed on all day without me having to reapply and its the perfect nude if you’re light complected like me. I plan on wearing it a lot!

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Philipp Plein SS18…

Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 10.10.00 PMScreen Shot 2017-09-11 at 10.10.18 PMScreen Shot 2017-09-11 at 10.10.27 PMScreen Shot 2017-09-11 at 10.10.45 PMScreen Shot 2017-09-11 at 10.11.03 PMScreen Shot 2017-09-11 at 10.11.23 PMScreen Shot 2017-09-11 at 10.11.43 PM

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| Top: Zara | Pants: I Am Gia | Shoes: Dr. Martens | Fanny pack: Free People |

Hi everyone! I wanted to show you guys my favorite looks from the Philipp Plein SS18 show at NYFW. I went to this show and it was my favorite show that I went to during NYFW! Future performed during the show along with a after show performance by Nicki Minaji. Out of all of these the very last picture was my favorite. Irina Shayk rocked that dress! All of the denim was so cute too, I loved the embroidered denim he did for this collection. The mens collection was also shown during this show but since I’m not a mens fashion blogger I chose to not show those. You can view them online along with the rest of the pictures from this show just by searching Philipp Plein SS18 show. I can’t wait to get ahold of some of these pieces this spring! I also included a picture of what I wore when I attend the show along with the links to my outfit. You can view more pictures from my trip on my Instagram.

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Things To Ditch For Fall…

Things To Ditch For Fall...


Welcome back loves! Todays post is things to ditch for fall. What does that mean? I put together this post for you girls who have started to clean out your closet and move your summer clothes out and bring your fall clothes into your closet. Basically this is a few things to leave in the summer and not bring into fall. I put together things you can swap for those favorite spring and summer pieces for things in fall. I swapped them for things that are going to be huge trends this fall. My favorite is the velvet purse, fanny pack, and plaid mini skirts. Also, you can use either a plaid mini or a checkered mini both are in trend this fall! As for the jewelry, there was an item to swap for that in the collage because what you’re swapping is no jewelry for big chunky earrings. So, if you didn’t wear jewelry in the spring or summer or aren’t a big jewelry person now its time to be! Especially the big gold hoops or very unique chunky gold earrings. I love everything single trend this fall. For the first time there isn’t a trend that I hate! Theres usually a couple trends I’m not a fan of when coming into a new season but this season every single one is flawless!
I also just got back from NYFW which was so much fun. I will be doing a post this week on my favorite shows and items I think everyone should have in their closet this fall. My favorite show I attended was the Philipp Plein show. It was incredible, I didn’t expect anything less! If you follow me on Instagram you can see all of my pics from fashion week and see what I was up to. You can follow me at the bottom of this page by clicking the Instagram tab or follow me by clicking this link.
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Fall Fever…


| Pants: Pixie Market | Top: J.Crew other options here, and here | Purse: Free People |

Happy Saturday! It’s been raining like crazy and its giving me major fall fever. Fall is one of my favorite seasons if not my favorite. I’m excited to wear these in the fall! This mustard yellow color is one of the major trend colors this fall along with the number one color this fall: bright red. Also, how cute is this purse? I was browsing and stumbled upon it and thought it would be perfect for  this fall and winter and it was at such  good price! It also has a strap so you can wear it cross body.

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Floral Dreams…



| Pants: Anthropologie other style here | Purse: Cult Gaia | Shoes: Missguided | Sunnies: I.M. Glam Life |

Welcome back and happy Friday! I’m mixing patterns again today which I’ve been so addicted to lately. It’s really widen my range of outfits I can create and I love that about it. These pants are great for pattern mixing and everyday activities. I wore them to travel in once and they were the best traveling pants, so comfy! I dressed them up more here with the heels and they work just as great like that. They also come in navy with a green stripe down the side that are currently in sale in stores.

Have a great weekend!


Mixing It Up…


| Skirt: Aritzia | Shoes: ASOS | Coat: Burberry | Sunnies: ASOS | Purse: Shop Flynn |

Welcome back! Todays the big solar eclipse we or maybe some of us have been waiting for! I’m so excited to get to watch it for the first time ever today. It’s going to be so exciting and I’ll definitely tell you what I thought of it after it’s all over with. I also want to mention that I’m doing a loop giveaway on my Instagram right now thats for a new iPhone 7 and a $200 Mac voucher if you would like to join! I’ll link my instagram in this post but its also linked at the bottom of the home page.

Now on to the outfit, I want to talk about these shoes first. I thought I would get little to no wear out of these shoes after purchasing them but they actually go with so much. Way more than you would think! I’ve been trying to spice up my shoe collection lately because I usually stick with neutral shoes but shoes can really put an outfit together so I’ve started to go with brighter colored ones like these! When I bought them my mind instantly went to “I can only wear these with stuff that has pink in it” or “I can only wear these with plain stuff” but nope! Fashion is so fun because you can mix prints, colors, textures, anything goes as long as you feel confident in it! Mixing prints, colors, and textures is especially in big this fall which is a bonus. Always wear what you feel confident in but don’t be afraid to break out of your shell!

Have a great day. Thank you for reading!

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Stripes & Floral…


| Shorts: Urban Outfitters | Earrings: ASOS | Purse: Chanel | Shoes: ASOS | Lip Color: Too Faced Melted Matte in “Sell Out” |

Hi peeps and happy weekend! I’m wearing a look today that you probably have somewhere in your closet! You can easily create this look at home with your fav pair of denim shorts, your fav feminine blouse, a pair of sneakers, and a small scarf! This is a thin silk scarf that I used to tie around the belt loops and create a belt with it. I mixed florals and stripes with this look and it turned out so cute! If you have a thin scarf at home you just twist it and put it through the loops and either tie it at the front or twist it underneath like I did. I love doing this! I think it makes any look look so unique and adds a flare to it.


Today’s Tips

Patterns to mix

  • Leopard & Stripes
  • Stripes & Floral
  • Floral & Pinstripe
  • Snake print & Pinstripe

These are some of my favorite prints or patterns to mix together. I’ve tried all of these combos and find they look best with each other but always make sure there isn’t too much color clash when mixing these. Stick with a few colors!