Valentines Gift Ideas For Guys…

V-Day Gift Ideas For Guys


Hi everyone! I’m giving you my first Valentines post today. I put together gift ideas for men today. These are just things I put together but its just to give you ideas. You obviously know your guy better than anyone else so if you are going to give gifts make sure to get things that match with his personality and interests! Homemade things like letters, scrapbooks etc are always sweet as well and a little more personal. I will be posting gift ideas for women very soon as well as outfit ideas for Valentines Day! I hope you enjoyed this different post. Thank you for reading, happy weekend!

V-Day Gift Guide For Him…

V-Day Gift Guide For Him...


1.) Get him his favorite sports memorabilia.
2.) A gift card to his favorite store would work great with chocolate and balloons.
3.) A backpack for the more active guy or if he likes to carry one to school. You could always swap this for a briefcase.
4.) All guys love tennis shoes. Hook him up with his favorite pair or splurged on the Yeezys.
5.) Gift sets are simple but nice. This one includes cologne, aftershave, and lotion.
6.) For the workaholic a new laptop is a great idea.
7.) Sunglasses are a good idea for girls or boys.
8.) If he’s a big sports fan get him game tickets to see his favorite sports team play. He will love this!
9.) On the more romantic side, you could surprise him with love letters. Not many people do this anymore but, it’s romantic and he”ll love it.
10.) Shaving kits are great for travel or for the guy who likes to shave everyday. It will keep his skin nice!
11.) Simple but sweet. You can add this to any of the gifts. Balloons and his favorite chocolates or you could home make some of his favorite sweets.