11 Beauty Products That Actually Work…

11 Beauty Products That Actually Work


Todays post is very long but has a lot of great information about all these products above.  These are 11 of my favorite beauty products that I will always stan by. Plus they actually work! To purchase these items or take a closer look at them simply click on the picture of the item and it will take you straight there.
1. I have extremely thick hair and this brush is the only thing I’ve found that will actually comb through my hair and not hurt when its wet. I’ve tried different brands of these wet brushes but the actual brand Wet Brush works better than all of them. You do have to replace them around every 6 months because the bristles do start to wear but they’re very inexpensive!
2. I recently go these masks because I was seeing them everywhere. The rave over them was insane and I wanted to see if they lived up to it! These are 4 lace sheet masks. They have a chin strap and the main face mask part attaches around your ears which I really liked because you didn’t have to stop doing stuff. You can walk around and do things around the house without having to worry about them falling off. You leave these on for 40 mins and use one mask every single week. Each mask has different benefits for your skin. By the end of the 4 weeks the masks really do leave your skin looking brighter, your complexion clearer, and overall cleaner. You can reuse these masks twice each because they come with so much juice on them and in the pouches so its really worth the buy! They’re super relaxing as well.
3. I have been using this CC cream for around 2 years now and have found no other CC or BB cream that even compares to it. Its a very light coverage but very build-able so if you do want a fuller coverage you can add layers. This leaves my skin looking flawless but very breathable. I have a lot of freckles all over my face and I don’t like covering them and this evens out my skin tone but makes my freckles still showing. I love it! I always apply this with a damp beauty blender for a flawless look.
4. I recently purchased this perfume on a trip and wear it almost everyday now. Its one of the most long lasting perfumes I’ve ever worn. This brand has just a few scents out right now and after smelling this one it stuck with me and I loved it! Its a very light and clean scent. Those are the scents I tend to go for more than the really strong thicker scents. Nothing will ever beat my favorite Chanel No. 5 but this one for sure stays on longer thats why I chose it over Chanel No. 5. I highly suggest this one if you like clean smelling scents. It’s called Liquid Diamonds!
5. First off, I’m not a big fan of dry shampoo because I don’t usually like the way it makes my hair feel or look but this one is incredible! After you apply it you can’t feel it in your hair at all and the scent is just amazing! Every dry shampoo I’ve ever tried left my hair feeling dry and chalky. But no matter how much you spray in your hair, this one leaves it feeling so fresh! Sometimes I spray this in my hair even when its not dirty just because it smells so nice.
6. Skincare is so so so important. Especially as a teenager and in your early 20s. How you treat your skin in those years of you life truly depends on how it will look when you get older. You can do your research online on the best products to use for your age and skin type or even see a dermatologist which I highly suggest! This Drunk Elephant product is a liquid exfoliant with all kinds of good vitamins in it. I usually use this a few times a week in my night routine. Its very strong so don’t use it everyday. We don’t need to exfoliate our skin every single day! A few times a week will do. This product gets all the dead skin cells off your skin and repairs it with vitamins over night while you get your beauty rest. When you wake up your skin will be so soft, clear, and bright!
7. This is another skincare product which is sorta like an exfoliant but sorta not. This was suggested for me to use by a lady who was doing a facial on me in Miami and I have been thankful every since. I think a lot of us struggle with large pores around our nose every now and then or maybe for a long time. No matter how many pore strips or different products I used nothing worked for me until this Skinceuticals product came along. I apply a small amount on my nose (this is a liquid) at night during my skincare routine. After about a month went by of using this I was so shocked. I no longer have any visible pores on my nose at all. It keeps them clean and diminished them completely. I swear by this stuff!
8. Amika was kind enough to send me some of their hair care products and this one was my favorite of the bunch. It’s a hair mask that repairs and moisturizes your hair in just 2-3 minutes! You put this stuff on dry hair all over your head and leave it on for 2-3 minutes and then wash out. After washing out you wash your hair and you can either condition again or leave it. I usually always condition again to help manage my waves. This smells heavenly and left my hair feeling so soft and it looked so shiny. It comes in a huge tub so I haven’t finished it yet but I plan on doing so! My hair feels so healthy after using this stuff.
9.  I just started using this mascara about a week ago and its already got a spot in my top beauty products. I like thick long lashes and this mascara gives me all of that and more! I don’t know if its just me but do you guys every have a problem with mascara making black spots on your under eyes throughout the day? I tried putting extra setting powder under my eyes to help this problem and a thousand other things and it kept happening to me until I switched to this mascara. Ever since I started wearing this I haven’t had that problem at all! So I think I’ll be sticking with this one for a very long time.
10. Everyone loves a good makeup setting spray, this Kate Somerville one is my favorite. Its a hydrating setting mist so even if you makeup is matte by the time you finish and you set it with this it will give you a beautiful dewy look. I love dewy makeup! This has the most refreshing feeling and leaves you glowing all day long. I always apply my highlight last and then spray this and it makes the glow times 10.
11. Last but not least, my trusty Givenchy concealer. This and the iT Cosmetics concealer are my two favorites. This ones leaves a more natural look which I’m into. If I’m going more heavy with the makeup or have mega dark circles that day then I use the iT Cosmetics one because its thicker and a lot brighter. But this Givenchy one is perfect for everyday makeup. It gets the job done and goes on so smoothly. It truly make your under eyes look completely flawless. I highly suggest this!
If you made it through this very long post then thank you for reading! Have a wonderful Saturday.

V-Day Gift Ideas For Her…

V-Day Gift Ideas For Her...


Welcome back! Today I’m sharing my best gift ideas for Valentines day for her. Valentines day is quickly approaching and you’ve got to make sure you’ve got your gifts before hand instead of the last minute.
1.) Valentino Heels. Great for the girly girl!
2.) You can never go wrong with perfume. This one is a personal favorite of mine.
3.) Chocolates and flowers a must! You always have to have these plus a little gift on hand!
4.) Long trench coats are in style big right now. This would be great for the fashionista.
5.) Christian Dior Sunglasses are always a great idea.
6.) If you plan on taking her out for a romantic evening pick out a dress for her to wear.
7.) A purse would be great for any girl!
8.) If you both love music, get her concert tickets to her favorite band or singer.
9.) Also for the music lover, headphones would be great.
10.) For the makeup geek, get her a makeup set and some flowers. Simple and easy!
11.) This little gift is simple but fabulous. A gift certificate for a full day at the spa.
12.) If the girl your searching for loves jewelry, glam her out in diamonds!
13.) This one is the most extravagant. A weekend getaway to somewhere tropical. Valentines day is on a Sunday this year. So, that means you could definitely get away for a weekend and treat each other to paradise!
Have a great day, look out for tomorrows post of Gift Ideas for him! All items are linked above in the pictures.