Festival Inspired… 


Click the highlighted words to go straight to the website where the item is from, so you can purchase it!

Shirt- H&M (Collaboration with Coachella)

Shorts- Hollister (These are on sale for $25)

Necklace- H&M (Only Available in stores)

Arm Candy- Lucky Brand, Alex & Annie

Sunnies- RayBan 

Shoes- J.Crew (Now 25% off)

Bag- Balenciaga

Lipstick- Bobbie Brown “Guava” 

I thought I would do a festival inspired outfit since Coachella is going on as well as many other music festivals coming up soon. I love this new fringe trend and I just can’t get enough of it, as you can tell. H&M has a new Coachella inspired line out right now that’s for a limited time only. I suggest checking it out if you’re looking for boho festival looks like these at an affordable price! I wore this while I was running around town yesterday with my momma, and it got plenty of attention! It’s so comfortable and great for hot spring or summer days like yesterday. I hope everyone is having a awesome day! 🙂 I just made a Facebook page a few days ago, make sure to check that out and send me some love! The link is in the sidebar as well as down below… Just click “Livbien” below and it will take you straight there!


TMI Tag 2015!!

This video is 50 facts about me! These questions have been made up by the person that started the tag and they were really good ones! I made this upon request and so ya’ll could get to know me more. If you have any other questions please fill free to ask me them and I might do a Q&A video. Also, if you guys have any other video request you can tell me those on here, Instagram, Twitter, or my YouTube channel. The links to all of those are in the side bar so make sure to check them out! I hope everyone has had a great day! Look out for a super cute outfit post tomorrow. 🙂


Shirt- J.Crew

Blazer- NastyGal

Pants- NastyGal 

Heels- Nordstrom

Purse- Chanel

Watch- MK

I’m in the city of Nashville for the weekend. So, lookout for some exciting posts this weekend on here and on my instagram @livbien. In love with my NastyGal pants, they’re so stylish and comfy for every occasion! I hope everyone has a great day. 🙂


Sweater- ilycouture 

Undershirt- Madewell

Jeans- Abercrombie & Fitch 

Shoes- J.Crew 

Jewelry- MK, Chanel

Purse- Louis Vuitton 

Sunnies- Raybans 

Wearing my chic and affordable ilycouture jetsetter sweater today. I got this in the mail a couple days ago and just fell in love all over again! Make sure to check out her website for more cute and adorable sweaters and shirts to spice up your style. I hope everyone has had a great day 🙂