Cozy Sweaters + Lose Buns…










Cardigan- Loft

Shirt- Shop Jawbreaking

Boots- Stuart Weiztman 

This cardigan is my favorite for cold and rainy days like today! If you don’t have an account with when you first enter the site, you can enter your email and get $20 off your entire order! If you’re shopping for this cardigan in stores you’ll get 40% off everything in the store! This is defiantly a must have you need in your closet for this fall and winter.

Have a great day!

Flannel For Fall…







Flannel- Urban Outfitters

Shirt- Urban Outfitters

Shorts- Hollister (Only $15!)

Shoes- J.Crew 

Purse- Givenchy

Flannels and button ups are by far my favorite fashion go to item in the fall and winter. If I am in a rush to put an outfit together or just want to be cozy but still look cute I always go for a cute warm flannel or button up. They go with literally everything and if you don’t feel like putting much effort into your outfit with these you are comfortable and still looking cute! What’s your favorite place to get your flannels? Mines definitely J.Crew and Urban Outfitters. Those are the softest and fit me best personally. This look would also look great with distressed denim but, if you live somewhere where it hasn’t gotten too chilly yet shorts look good too!

Have a great day loves!

Stay Gnarly…






Shirt- ShopKeto (Use discount code “livbien” at checkout)

Jeans- Urban Outfitters

Umbrella- Kate Spade

Shoes- J.Crew

I have teamed up with ShopKeto to share with you guys this really cute top of theirs that just recently came out. It’s only $13 and comes in a variety of colors. With my discount code “livbien” that you use at checkout will drop the price down even cheaper. The quality of these t-shirts are great. No shrinking! They also have T-shirts you can customized saying anything you want sewed on the top corner of the shirt. Those also come in a variety of colors. Doesn’t get better does it? Check it out for me loves!

This weather is just YUCK! It’s suppose to rain the rest of the week here. But hey, at least I have a cute umbrella to make this yucky weather pretty. But, ya’ll know what rain means? FALL! My favorite season ever probably, from the smells, to the weather, and fashion. I can’t wait! Who else is a fall gal?

Have a great day!

Denim Skirts…


Skirt- Zara

Shirt- Zara

Shoes- Zara

So, this whole look is from Zara’s new autumn line and I am obsessed. You’re going to be seeing me wearing a lot more items from there the next few weeks as we are approaching fall. Who is excited? Fall is my favorite season and I am beyond ready of it to arrive.

Dressing Up Denim Shorts…


Shorts- Hollister 

Shirt- J.Crew

Shoes- Lucky Brand

Earrings- J.Crew

Arm Candy- J.Crew, Bourban and Boweties, Baublebar, Lola James, The Horse 

Sunnies- Celine 
The key to dressing up your favorite pair of jean shorts is with accessories and shoes! I chose a solid color peplum that way I could go crazy with color in accessories like these amazing J.Crew earrings. They’re on sale for 30% off right now too! You could go anywhere in this outfit in reality. The next step is a bright fun purse to match those earrings. I chose the brightest purse in my collection. You could also do a fun patterned clutch for a more put together look. My hair is pretty crazy in this as I let it air dry but I would suggest a curled look or to straighten it. Your hair and makeup is a huge part of your look as well! Keep it classy and sassy ladies! I hope everyone has had a great day. 🙂 




Shirt- J.Crew (can be bought here)

Pants- J.Crew (similar here)

Shoes- Tory Burch (can be bought here)

Hat- Forever 21 (can be bought here)

Purse- Louis Vuitton (similar & cheaper version  here)

Necklace- ( can be bought here )

Arm candy- MK Watch, J.Crew,  MK bracelet, Bourbon & Boweties (similar here)

Sunnies- Quay Australia (can be bought here)

Today’s look is so causal and laid back as well as the hairstyle. It’s Monday and I was not feeling it this morning at all but I sill managed to put together a adorable casual look for ya’ll. I love being comfortable if you didn’t already know that. Lol. Ya’ll need to check out my friends at , they have designer items at a discounted price. All you have to do is post a picture of you wearing the item you purchased and use the appropriate captions and you get it discounted. Just like I got my Kenneth Jay Lane necklace above. I’m obsessed with it, considering I’ve worn it almost everyday since I’ve got it!

I wasn’t very busy today, I had school and a hair appointment after school. I’m going back to my blonde hair ya’ll. I couldn’t stand the dark hair any longer, I’m just not meant to be a brunette. Blondes must stay blondes! If you’re apart of the blonde crew comment below, we all have to stick together. I’m thinking about making a snapchat and showing you guys what I’m doing all day and what not to keep you guys updated. If you would like me to do that please let me know! I’ll add back everyone of course. I love all of ya’ll and I hope everyone has had a awesome day! Stay beautiful my fab friends! 🙂