Rocksbox & StyleSeat Event…


Whole outfit from BCBG.  

Heels- Jessica Simpson (Macy’s) Only $100!! 

Clutch- Gigi New York 

Makeup done by Dior Cosmetics.     

Earrings- ilycouture 

Hey ya’ll, so I’ve been in Sam Francisco the past couple of days specifically for this event that I attended last night thanks to Rocksbox. I’m sorry I haven’t posted the past couple of days, I’ve been very busy getting things ready for last night. If you aren’t for sure what Rocksbox or StyleSeat is I did a post about Rocksbox so you can check that out. But, StyleSeat is a company that you can book professional makeup artist, hairstylists, and personal stylists on! It’s an app in the AppStore that I will have linked below. If you follow me on Instagram (livbien) you will have known I’ve been in San Fran. I’ve been posting a lot of awesome pictures and will continue to. I leave on Saturday. 🙁 

Anyway, this outfit was picked out for me to wear by a stylist at BCBG here in San Fran. She did an amazing job. This top has a matching polka dot skirt but I decided to style it with a plain white more fitted skirt. I felt like all the polka dots would be too much. The cropped look gave this look a bit of an edge but I still made it look classy with the blazer, hair, and accessories. But, you do you boo. 😉  I picked out the heels, which are very in trend for this summer. They were at a great price at Macy’s for only $100. You wouldn’t think they would be very comfortable but they were amazing. I wore them for around 2 hours and didn’t have any feet problems at all. As for the makeup,  Dior cosmetics in Bloomingdales did my mine. Let me just tell you, they did an amazing job. They took their time and treated me amazingly. If you have an event of some sort to go to or just want a makeup over I highly suggest their services! 

    Thank you Rocksbox for sponsoring this post. 

Winner of Collaboration Giveaway…


Thank you to everyone who entered in the Spring Collaboration Giveaway with my friend Danica and I. We appreciate all the love and support ya’ll give us and we love everyone of ya’ll so much! So, the winner of my giveaway will receive Danica’s prizes and the winner of her giveaway will receive her prizes since this is a collaboration giveaway. The winner was chosen at random. We did not pick a winner that was a favorite, the names were chosen at random through a generator online. Let’s always keep good sportsmanship and be kind to our winner and contestants. If you have any further questions concerning that please feel free to email me or DM me on any of mine or Danica’s social media accounts. We don’t mind at all. 🙂   The winner of my giveaway is… *Drumroll* @Heffercasuga (username)  Congrats to you girl, I hope you enjoy all of your great prizes from me. You will receive the prizes shown under the giveaway post.  Now the winner of Danica’s giveaway is… *Drumroll* Clarissa Sidhom!!  Congrats to you as well!! You will receive all of the prizes from Danica’s giveaway shown under the giveaway post on both of our sites. Her site will be linked below if you would like to check that out. So, if you signed up on any of my social media then you won from me but since this is a collaboration you are now Danica’s winner so you will receive her prizes and vise versa. I will contact the winner of my giveaway and Danica will contact the winner of hers to get the information about shipping. I hope you enjoy them and thank you so so much to everyone who entered, there will be plenty more giveaways in the future!! Have a great weekend ya’ll and stay BEAUTIFUL!! xoxo.

Danica’s Blog 


This is what my winner will be winning! Enjoy your prizes!

Natural Prom Makeup Tutorial…

I’m starting a prom series on my YouTube channel so if you haven’t already subscribed you can do that now, the link is below! If you aren’t going to prom you can use these looks for a night out or a party/event you might be going to in the future. This one is very natural so you could even wear it during the day. The next two looks are going to be quite darker, if you have any request for makeup tutorials or any videos please let me know. You can do so on any of my social media or on here. I hope everyone had a great day!

Collaboration With

Hi Fashionistas,

My new friend and I are going to be putting together a awesome spring giveaway for ya’ll soon. We are in the working process of getting everything together now, once everything is ready I will post a picture and video of the prizes as well as the instructions. I wanted to do this post about Danica so ya’ll could get to know her and know some more about her blog before the giveaway.

I’ve had a lot of fun talking back and fourth with Danica the past few days, she’s very uplifting, intelligent, talented, and kind. Not to mention, her great sense of style. I always have enjoyed getting to meet new people and get to experience new things with them. I’m so glad Danica and I have got to talk, I hope to keep in touch with her for a long time! Now, heres a few awesome things about her, “My name is Danica, before I started fashion & lifestyle blogging (I blog about pretty much everything, mostly food, fashion, and beauty), I started off as a fashion stylist, and still am. I fashion style on the side for photo shoots, and for peers around me. I’m usually dressed casual, and chic. My current obsessions are blanket scarves (big and cosy), and big handbags.” She seems pretty awesome, right? Her blog is filled with a bunch of neat stuff!Ever since I found it,  i’ve been on it daily. Check out this super cute, edgy but chic look from her blog …

Screen Shot 2015-04-12 at 12.15.58 AM

Screen Shot 2015-04-12 at 12.25.48 AM

Screen Shot 2015-04-12 at 12.26.07 AM

Also look at this amazing ice cream and the shop that she talked about on there! Looks amazing doesn’t it? Go to the Home page or food section on her blog to read more about it and other amazing things!

She also makes sure to always keep you updated on her other social media with her latest outfits, things she’s doing, obsessing over, or maybe just a picture thats cute that would be an awesome post! All of her links are below, I hope you guys check her out and send her a bunch of love! If you do check out her blog or social media make sure to tell her Olivia from Livbien set you over! Thank you so much for this opportunity Danica, I can’t wait to get this giveaway started!  I hope everyone is having a fabulous day and remember, you’re beautiful!! 🙂


Check out her post about me here

Check out some more of these awesome pictures from her blog! I’m obsessed with her ya’ll, she’s so creative! 



Classically Chic… 

Skirt- ASOS 

Top- ASOS 

Shoes- Nordstrom

Purse- Chanel

Jewelry- MK, Ryan Porter

Lip Color- Chanel 444, Gabriel 

I was in aw with the gorgeous backdrop for the event I’m at. I didn’t know it was going to match my outfit perfectly but I’m thankful of how it went will and produce the perfect pictures! Spending my last night in Nashville with many festivities. I hope everyone has had a awesome day! 🙂