Homemade Lemonade/Gift Idea…

Have you been looking for a cute affordable gift idea or party favor? This one hits the spot! I recently found this idea, because one was given to my mom as a thank you for helping with a baby shower. Super cute idea. You choose the pitcher and spoon of your choice, whichever fits in your price range etc. Simply print off instructions on how to make lemonade and decorate them as you wish. It took me 15 minutes to make this whole pitcher. It was gone in about the same about of time too lol. It was a big hit! Homemade lemonade is so much better than regular bottled lemonade. Treat yourself and do something like this for whatever you might have planned coming up! 

                        Have a great day! 🙂 

Lately On Instagram…


Here’s a few post I’ve rounded up from my Instagram (@livbien) if you don’t already follow me on there, you can follow me so you can see sneak peeks of blog posts and so much more! There’s a link on the side bar with the icon of each social media I have. I’m Livbien on everything. I hopeyou’re having a great day! 🙂  

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks…

I’m putting together all of my favorite beauty items from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. They’ve got some crazy good deals going on starting this morning through a week or two I believe. If you’re looking for great fall clothes or beauty products and shoes of all kinds, definitely check out this great sale. If you looked at the yearly annual sale they had about a month ago it’s similar to that. Happy shopping ladies!

My Favorite Blouse…

Top- Ted Baker 

Shorts- J.Crew 

Shoes- Tory Burch 

Purse- Ted Baker 

Earrings- ily Couture 

Watch- MK 
Not only is this blouse adorable and elegant but I got it on sale for $90! It’s became my favorite blouse the past couple of weeks since the weather hasn’t been the best. Its girly, chic, classy, what more could I ask for?! 
      Thank you for reading. Have a great day! 🙂 


Dress- Brandy Melville 

Shoes- J.Crew 

Sunnies- Ray-Ban 

Purse- Mansur Gavriel 

Tattoos- Marshals (yes they’re fake! 😉 ) 
Exciting news! I just started using a really cool app for all you shopaholics and fashionistas called Dash Hudson. Have you ever wondered where some of the clothing I post on my Instagram (@livbien) or your other favorite instagramers was from? Now you can find out with this app. If you follow me on Instagram and download the app then my Instagram post will show up on there with all of the clothing I’m wearing linked on the app. Now, if you like one of my posts on Instagram that I’m using Dash Hudson on, and email will be sent to you will all the links and prices to what I’m wearing in that picture. It’s so cool right? Download it now or follow me on Instagram! 

With these gold and silver stick on tattoos ever go out of style? To be no! I’ve been covering myself in them and not caring either. I’m people probably look at me like “you aren’t 12 anymore..” Haha, I’m just doing what makes me happy and giggling. I got a whole set of them at Marshals for $7. If you’re looking for some, they have a wide selection of them there and for cheap. I survived the storms yesterday (they didn’t get too bad.) Did it storm where you live? The weather is so interesting to me. Have a great day ladies! 🙂 

Killin’ It…

Shirt- Brandy Melville 

Shorts- Hollister 

Booties- J.Crew 

Jacket- Urban Outfitters 

Hat- Urban Outfitters 
I’m obsessed with this look! I’ve been loving the summer trend of shorts, long jackets, and booties lately. It’s probably my favorite trend at the moment. I did two looks with this with the jacket and no jacket. If it’s a little on the colder side where you live or if you’re going to where this at night I suggest wearing the jacket. But, you do you boo!  I’ve been feeling a little on the edgy side lately with my outfits just to try and mix things up. I’ll still have some more elegant posts up as well. Like one later this week featuring a gorgeous Ted Baker dress! 

I’ve been working very hard lately on school work and on my Instagram so I’m very sorry for the week without posts. I’ve got a schedule figured out now so they’ll be post up 5-6 days a week again! I’m hanging out a home today being lazy and working on the blog and what not waiting for a HUGE storm that’s suppose to hit the south later tonight. Everyone be prepared and stay safe tonight if it applies to you also! Have a great Monday! 🙂