Burgundy Trench Coats…

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Dress- Miss Foxy 

Jacket- Miss Foxy

Shoes- Nordstrom
I’m so sorry I have been out for awhile. I have been out of town for the past weekend and haven’t been on my grind for the blog. But, I got my inpiration back, as well as my schedule back on track! Look for posts everyday, 5 days a week again. I always stay updated on my social media, especially my Instagram @livbien no matter if I post on here or not. I post on there everyday or multiple times a day! 

Fringe Me…


Top- Zara 

Shorts- Zara 

Shoes- Urban Outfitters

Earrings- J.Crew 

Backpack- Zara 

Arm Candy- Lola James, Alex and Ani 
Today’s weather- 95 and sunny. Just how I like it and just what this outfit is for. With the scorching heat this girl needs an outfit that’s comfy and cool just like this one. You wouldn’t think the suede top would be but it surprisingly is. I’ve been in love with backpacks lately and I finally found the perfect sized one at only $50 on Zara. I’ll be bringing it on my vacation in a couple weeks with my family. I’ll be doing some packing tips and some things to do at Disney next week. Disney has always been one of my favorite places, it’s so magical. This outfit will be coming with me I’m sure! Now I’m off to dinner with the family and later obsessedly watching Gossip Girl. I’m on season 5 episode 15, can Chuck and Blair just be together already? Anyway, I hope everyone has had a great week so far. It’s almost Friday! Have a great day, stay beautiful. Xoxo. 

Ripped Denim + Bucket Bags…


Top- J.Crew

Pants- Urban Outfitters

Shoes- New Balance

Hat- Nordstrom

Bag- Mansur Gavriel

Arm candy- MK Watch, MK bracelet, Accessory Concierge, J.Crew
Today’s outfit is more laid back and fun for any spring day. I wore it while shopping for cars! Exciting right? I found the perfect car and I can’t wait to purchase it and start to drive it soon. I will definitely  share some great pictures of it for ya’ll.

So, today is a more relaxed day for me usual. My plans are to film a video, hangout with Tulio, and my family later on tonight. I’m going to try to fit in a workout in there somewhere if I can. If not, I’ll get back on the grind Monday! Today’s weather is gorgeous so I definetly want to be outside doing something. It’s so hot and sunny! I think we might make some lemonade and chill out on the hammock or maybe go fishing. (I’ve never fished before so wish me luck!) I’ve always heard fishing is a lot of fun but, I don’t have a lot of patience so we’ll see how that works out lol. Anyway, I hope everyone had a great weekend and has a great Sunday! Stay BEAUTIFUL my friends!! 🙂

Natural Prom Makeup Tutorial…

I’m starting a prom series on my YouTube channel so if you haven’t already subscribed you can do that now, the link is below! If you aren’t going to prom you can use these looks for a night out or a party/event you might be going to in the future. This one is very natural so you could even wear it during the day. The next two looks are going to be quite darker, if you have any request for makeup tutorials or any videos please let me know. You can do so on any of my social media or on here. I hope everyone had a great day!

TMI Tag 2015!!

This video is 50 facts about me! These questions have been made up by the person that started the tag and they were really good ones! I made this upon request and so ya’ll could get to know me more. If you have any other questions please fill free to ask me them and I might do a Q&A video. Also, if you guys have any other video request you can tell me those on here, Instagram, Twitter, or my YouTube channel. The links to all of those are in the side bar so make sure to check them out! I hope everyone has had a great day! Look out for a super cute outfit post tomorrow. 🙂

Blue Fever…

Jacket- Madewell (Penfield) 

Shirt- J.Crew 

Shoes- New Balance 

Jeans- Hollister 

Handbag- Chanel 

I’m out and about shopping today all decked out in my blue! As I was in anthropologie I found these adorable coffee mugs and just had to share with with ya’ll. I think I’ll go back and get one, I just can’t resist! I hope everyone is having a great day. Stay beautiful 🙂 

All About the Nudes…

Top- J.Crew 

Pants- ZARA

Boots- Madewell 

Jackets- Burberry 

Handbag- Prada 

Looks like the snowy weather is coming in once again. I love this sweater from the new J.Crew collection. It’s a nude with a pastel touch from the adorable jeweled flowers on the side. I hope you fab girls are having a great day!