Burgundy Trench Coats…

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Dress- Miss Foxy 

Jacket- Miss Foxy

Shoes- Nordstrom
I’m so sorry I have been out for awhile. I have been out of town for the past weekend and haven’t been on my grind for the blog. But, I got my inpiration back, as well as my schedule back on track! Look for posts everyday, 5 days a week again. I always stay updated on my social media, especially my Instagram @livbien no matter if I post on here or not. I post on there everyday or multiple times a day! 

Products I’ve Used Up…

I wanted to make this video for you guys so you can know some of the best products I’ve had. I always love trying out new things and finding out that they’re amazing. I hope this video helps ya’ll out!

Today has been super gross, I was feeling awful this morning not to mention the weather. It’s been pouring the rain all day, wheres the sunshine mother nature? It’s too cold and rainy to be almost May! We’re on the brink of spring which means summer is almost here!! My favorite season is summer, but sometimes I love fall too. What’s your favorite season? Anyway, today wasn’t very busy for me, I filmed, made a couple blog post and basically just laid around the house all day. I need to start working out a lot more than I do, I just need some motivation to get me started. Any advice for that? I love eating healthy but working out not so much. I do enjoy some fun at home workouts and the occasional run but thats about it. I guess I need to learn all forms of exercise huh? I hope everyone is having a great day!

Natural Prom Makeup Tutorial…

I’m starting a prom series on my YouTube channel so if you haven’t already subscribed you can do that now, the link is below! If you aren’t going to prom you can use these looks for a night out or a party/event you might be going to in the future. This one is very natural so you could even wear it during the day. The next two looks are going to be quite darker, if you have any request for makeup tutorials or any videos please let me know. You can do so on any of my social media or on here. I hope everyone had a great day!

Pageant Weekend…


This post was highly requested for me to do. Anyway, I’m so blessed and lucky to have came home with the Ultimate Grand Supreme winner of the pageant this weekend. Thank you so much for everyone’s sweet good luck wishes, they sure did work ;). I competed in Formal wear, Causal wear, Interview, and Derby wear this weekend. If you don’t know a lot about pageants, Ultimate Grand Supreme is the winner of the entire pageant. This means you had the highest overall score in all categories. I can do a more in detailed post if ya’ll would like to learn more about it. I’m so excited to see what else this year brings! Isn’t the crown stunning? I wish I could wear it 24/7 along with the sash. I don’t think that would be very fashion forward though lol. The trophy is 10 feet tall, massive right? I’m in love with all of my prizes and had the great opportunity of meeting a lot of great girls this weekend! I hope everyone has enjoyed their weekend as well. 🙂 

Glammed Out…


I was all glammed out for my photoshoot yesterday. I had so much fun, I love when people take my pictures. 🙂 This dress is so girly and fun. I loved the pastel purple for this shoot especially since it looks so great for spring! I got it last year, so I’m not sure if the still have it in the store I got it from but I would definitely try and hunt it down. It’s so worth it! I hope everyone has had a great day. 🙂  Please check out my social media links in the side bar to get the latest updates from me! 

Dress- Nordstrom Juniors 

Shoes- Macy’s 

Bracelet- J.Crew, Fitbit

Earrings- J.Crew 

Ring- David Yurman 


Jeans- Hollister 

Shirt- J.Crew 

Shoes- Born 

Jacket- Burberry 

Jewelry- MK, David Yurman, Kate Spade 

I went with a simple, cute, and feminine outfit for today. This look really reminds me of something Taylor Swift would wear for all you fans of her out there. My oxfords are so comfortable and add the sweetest touch. Yesterday ended with the perfect sunset. God has beautiful creations! I hope everyone has a great day. 🙂 


Shirt- J.Crew

Blazer- NastyGal

Pants- NastyGal 

Heels- Nordstrom

Purse- Chanel

Watch- MK

I’m in the city of Nashville for the weekend. So, lookout for some exciting posts this weekend on here and on my instagram @livbien. In love with my NastyGal pants, they’re so stylish and comfy for every occasion! I hope everyone has a great day. 🙂