8 Items For The Perfect Fall Wardrobe…

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Hi guys! Todays post is 8 items to achieve the perfect fall wardrobe. I mixed the latest fall trends along with a few classic items that will never go out of style for fall. To shop these items simply click on the picture of the item you want to look at below the collage and ¬†will take you directly to the website to shop. I enjoy making these collage posts to give tips or to show you guys my favorite items! I love looking at these posts on other girls blogs and I love creating them to mix things up from just everyday outfit posts. I also might just be making all these fall posts because I’m a little too excited for fall lol. Who’s with me though? Fall is probably my favorite season. I love all the clothes, food, and of course the weather during fall. But, the weather has still been very hot here so I’m going to have to wait a little longer before I can wear some of these pieces! I genuinely like all of these items and would never post anything I wouldn’t wear myself! I tried to include two pieces in different price ranges for each category to reach everyones interest! If you follow me on Instagram you’ve probably noticed I have a slight obsession with sock boots. I have them in so many colors and seem to still want more. They’re just so flattering to me and actually surprisingly comfortable. The purple Mango ones are one of my favorites. They’re the perfect dupe for the Balenciaga ones!
1. Chunky sweaters are a classic. These are great to invest to because they’ll never go out of style and you can transition them into the cold winter months.
2. If you know me, you know sock boots are my obsession. They’re actually really comfy and super flattering. They make your legs look so long and slim. You can pair these with jeans, a midi skirt, or a midi dress. Thats what they look best with!
3. Vintage jeans are HUGE right now. Especially wide leg and cropped straight leg ones. Levis has the best when it comes to these styles, they’re affordable, and long lasting quality. GRLFRND denim did a collab with FWRD and create this cute wide leg pair thats currently on sale.
4. Berets are so cute on literally everyone. So many companies have came out with a ton of different styles of berets lately. If you want one to also keep your head warm and to not just look cute I suggest getting a wool or wool blend one. These are paired great with dresses or jeans and a chunky sweater.
5. I’ve been getting into loafers lately. I recently found a heeled pair from Cole Haan that are a snake print and I’ve been wearing them non stop. Heeled loafers are very flattering with jeans! The loafers in the pictures above are more like driving loafers but still so cute and comfy. You can wear loafers with pretty much anything.
6. Burgundy dresses are a classic for fall. Any dark colored dress is beautiful in the fall but especially burgundy because its a classic fall color. I’ve got my eye on the & Other Stories one above currently. Burgundy dresses look great with loafers and black tights. Or you could even pair it with a black beret!
7. Every girl needs a trench coat in their closet end of story. They’re a timeless piece and something worth investing in. The Burberry ones are the best in the market and in my opinion the cutest! You can also wear trench coats in the winter and spring so you get your moneys worth when investing in a piece like this.
8. Midi skirts have taken over this year! One of my favorite trends I’ve seen with midi skirts is making it more of a street wear and edgy look. You can pair a patterned midi skirt with a champion sweatshirt or whatever your favorite sweatshirt is, sock boots, and a belt bag for an edgy look. Feminine meets edgy is a huge trend this year.
Thank you for reading. Have a great Thursday!

Things To Ditch For Fall…

Things To Ditch For Fall...


Welcome back loves! Todays post is things to ditch for fall. What does that mean? I put together this post for you girls who have started to clean out your closet and move your summer clothes out and bring your fall clothes into your closet. Basically this is a few things to leave in the summer and not bring into fall. I put together things you can swap for those favorite spring and summer pieces for things in fall. I swapped them for things that are going to be huge trends this fall. My favorite is the velvet purse, fanny pack, and plaid mini skirts. Also, you can use either a plaid mini or a checkered mini both are in trend this fall! As for the jewelry, there was an item to swap for that in the collage because what you’re swapping is no jewelry for big chunky earrings. So, if you didn’t wear jewelry in the spring or summer or aren’t a big jewelry person now its time to be! Especially the big gold hoops or very unique chunky gold earrings. I love everything single trend this fall. For the first time there isn’t a trend that I hate! Theres usually a couple trends I’m not a fan of when coming into a new season but this season every single one is flawless!
I also just got back from NYFW which was so much fun. I will be doing a post this week on my favorite shows and items I think everyone should have in their closet this fall. My favorite show I attended was the Philipp Plein show. It was incredible, I didn’t expect anything less! If you follow me on Instagram you can see all of my pics from fashion week and see what I was up to. You can follow me at the bottom of this page by clicking the Instagram tab or follow me by clicking this link.
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Trendy Looks Under $100…

Trendy Looks Under $100


Hi peeps! I’m very excited for todays post because it’s very different. I put together 4 different outfits with different options of jeans, shoes, and tops. So all of the items above can work with any jeans, shoes, or shirt! If you mix and match these it will create a few under $100 looks. I also want to mention that most every website these items are from gives you a discount online if its your first purchase with them. I also know that if you’re a college student you get a 10% discount at ASOS, Topshop, and Madewell at every purchase. Theres a long list of stores that offer student discounts online but thats just to name a few popular ones.
Now onto the looks, distressed jeans, cropped jeans, fringe jeans, embellished jeans, and high waisted jeans are huge right now! They’ll stay in trend through this fall as well. I always like investing in good jeans but for trendy ones that you know will be out of style soon its good to not spend as much. I like investing in things I know can be worn often and are timeless pieces and spending less on trendy items that I know I won’t get as much wear out of. Also, all kings of boots, colorful heels, and heels with unique heel shapes to them are very in trend at the moment. This is a trend that will also carry into the fall months. I found some of my favorite styled shoes and put those up there for you and they’re all at great prices! I think we all have seen everyone on social media wearing vintage band tees and sweatshirts lately. H&M, ASOS, Forever 21, and Topshop have some really great ones. But you can also find some in your mom or family members closet from back in the day. A lot of thrift stores always have great selections of them as well for good prices. These are shirts you will be able to wear for years! As for the sweatshirts, you can wear any sweatshirt you already have that fits you oversized with a distressed pair of skinny jeans and some cute heels, boots, or boots. Remember, if you’re wearing something oversized on the top always make sure your bottom half is fitted or else you’ll look like you’re getting swallowed by your clothes. I paired a metallic bootie with the sweatshirt look to give it an edgy and feminine flare. You can easily dress up a loungewear look with cute heels and make it look chic!
I hope you enjoyed todays post. Look out for more of these later on!
Thank you for reading. Have a great day!